ran over 5k last night towards my favourite bridge in my city, the sky turned strange pinks and yellows and then when I turned around there was a rainbow hidden in the clouds ! i was so so so warm but it was worth it !

however (!) my mini bright yellow bag i was using for running snapped on me two runs back :< last night i used a temporary little ruck sack thing i got for free somewhere and halfway through the run my phone dropped out of a huge rip that had formed ! chaos ! i need to buy a bum bag or something -- out there what do y'all use to carry your stuff while u run? 🦈🌿✨

(i have tried using the arm phone carrier thingies but i don't think they're for me!)


@raindrops another vote for the bum bug/fanny pack/ mine are actually "hip bags", they're more streamlined and meant to wear on one hip. I have more and less bulky ones depending on the activity, and a cute one that makes a good shoulder purse or crossbody.

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