Maybe they will let me switch into the ux/ui course 😭 🙏🏼

That's probably a better fit for me and I probably shouldn't have dismissed it as not-a-real-option. It's probably a legit option, yeah? Maybe?

Ugh I should have been able to guess this answer - I can switch courses but it's going to cost a non-trivial amount of money. Same amount as if I were to quit completely.

I will use my mentor meeting later today to talk about this for sure.

@pagrus I asked.

I guess I'd written it off as fluffy foo foo less marketable (fewer job options) low paying not "real tech" work. Now I want to believe I was wrong.

@Cyannin I mean, there's a pretty wide variety of jobs, I imagine some are more technical than others

@pagrus I hadn't realized that at all until just now looking over the overview for that course. I thought it was basically graphic design with a veneer.

@Cyannin The designers I know are all pretty technical, but that could be atypical. Or maybe a function of the neighborhood I was in

@pagrus it does seem like there's a really wide range of roles under that umbrella and a lot are technical.

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