I requested a different bootcamp mentor. I was really hesitant to do so. I felt like it was my idk duty to make the best of what I was assigned but but but... I want someone who I feel comfortable talking to. I had an evaluator this evening who was just so easy to talk to, and I want more of that. Not an old white guy who I have to school on inclusivity. I guess I just feel guilty like it's my duty to school old white people but can't I save that for after I have an actual job?

@Cyannin Ughhhh sorry you got stuck with that guy, hope his replacement is better

@pagrus I feel like he's someone I'm supposed to be glad to have gotten because he's a high ranked professional person (at cap one ugh).
But I don't want to have to deal with eg obvious tension after I make it clear that I think github using "main" instead of "master" now is a good thing. He said he was "old fashioned" and kept slipping up saying master... all I hear is “stubborn racist”. Bleh. But I feel bad because I know he has at least one Black mentee. I hope that dude gets out too.

@pagrus 2008?!?! I had no idea. Well now I definitely feel ok about the kinda snarky "review" I left for him.

@Cyannin Well that's when Github went online, I'd be willing to bet dollars to donuts that "old fashioned" Cap One bro didn't even join until 2015

@pagrus Ahh ok. It looks like github didn't actually make the change until Nov of last year. But anyone who calls themselves old fashioned as a defense definitely fails my vibe check.

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