If it's raining next weekend when my mother and her husband are in town I don't know what to do. I refuse to be inside anywhere with them, even masked, as they will just be coming off a 4000 person 7 day cruise. I don't want to be on a patio with them either, that's too close. I don't even particularly want to see them, I just feel obligated to. Ugh.

health (system more than personal) 

Sigh. Canceled my physical therapy appointment after reading more about how my new health insurance actually works. I need to find a different plan. Again. I'm not sure I have many other options though, insurers keep dropping out of the private market. Oh I hate it here.

Seems kinda fucked up that the NOAA app won't let you see current wildfire or hurricane tracking info without a paid subscription.

I'm sure he'll be kind enough to grab me a few cases at a grocery store but I was really excited to see (vicariously) what's in the factory store.
I'd like one full pallet of Ale 8 Zero with misprinted labels please.

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My spouse is driving cross country and stopped at the factory (and factory store) for my all time favorite soda. It has a really limited distribution range and I can't find it sold as more than a single novelty bottle within 2000+ miles.
The factory store is closed today for inventory 😭

health - ...argh 

Please don't be prodrome please don't be prodrome please don't be prodrome

I should probably get tryptans or something

OMG I just pulled a live honeybee out of my dog's (very long) hair, thinking it was a bit of plant. As in, the bee was literally squirming in my bare fingers.
Thankful that honeybees are docile lil dudes and I was being gentle, so nobody was injured. Whew.

That is one complication of having a long-haired dog that I would have NEVER anticipated.


I signed up for a twelve week powerlifting class, starting at the end of the month. Here goes!

Phew, approximately 18 pounds of cat food made. That should last me around two and a half months. I still need to portion and freeze the second half, but I think the entire process will have taken me around 9 hours.

Also spouse leaves on Monday for a trip of unknown duration. More than two weeks, but probably not more than three weeks. It feels like he just got back from the last trip! Even though that was like 6 weeks ago somehow.

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Ahh I got up early and went to the noon gym class so I could have all afternoon/into evening fairly uninterrupted to make a ton of cat food. But now I'm tiiiiired because I got up early and whew that was a gym class. Hello energy please

It sounds like there's a sideshow somewhere in the North End. That's never a thing. I'm so curious where exactly. Hahahah the Ruston boomers are probably so pissed.

How many languages are too many languages? And how far do you need to be into one language to start learning another without screwing yourself up too badly? I already mix Japanese and Spanish in my head sometimes lmao. I suspect these are all eternal questions and struggles for polyglots...

I'm finally, after something like three years, starting to just barely feel like I have a rudimentary grasp of the Japanese language.

Which of course means that my brain has been shouting at me to back burner it and begin learning Chinese instead.
I think I'd have already given in if I could decide between Cantonese and Mandarin. I'd learn Taishanese (a separate dialect of Yue Cantonese) if I didn't care about it being useful for traveling some day. I dream of travel. Mandarin, then, probably?

Nice! We're 9+ days out from the end of the rally and zero reported cases of anything. Success! The club did a good job of making sure most events were in well ventilated spaces, encouraged testing, did as much as is reasonable in the current climate.
I don't think I'll be attending any more events this year, but I'm glad that one went off w/o incident. Well, without infectious incident. Two people did go to the hospital, but they're both ok. One needed ankle surgery, oops. Wear riding boots!

mopeds and mopeds and mopeds 

Here are some pictures of the 130+(?) bikes that turned up for this weekend's events, and a map of our long ride on Saturday, 85 miles over 4 hours. That ride broke many bikes. (I made it, but I had probably the most modern bike on the ride, easy.)

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