@hellojed I was like Wtf why did he like it this from that account?
.. it took me a good several seconds to realize I tagged your old account! Oops!

My heartcat died suddenly this morning and I am devastated

My wii controller keeps walking left 🤬🤬
I don't want to deal with this.

@hellojed I kinda wanna do the gambler 500 next year 😂
Idk if this is reasonable bc of mid Ohio but they're talking about pushing back the dates for that next year - so maybe!

Our UPS is really working hard tonight! I'm ready for a storm! 🤞🏽 hopefully we get the storm. I think I just heard thunder!
I don't think thunderstorms are normal this time of year in W.Wa? But I'm not complaining.

Sometimes I feel like we're getting the good end of the climate change stick up here.

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One of my old derby-friends' husbands is reffing these playoffs and it's really cool to see him and how far he's come.

When it's a team I like playing vs a scrappy underdog, I never know who to cheer for!
Manchester just beat Helsinki but it was a great bout.

Woke up super early (for me- before 7am!) just to watch derby playoffs. Helsinki is so good! Still sick tho, started the day with decongestants and ibuprofen, yay. Now coffee.
If I'm feeling all better by Monday, perhaps I'll go to rec skate in Seattle.

Winston-Salem. Same thing practically. I guess NC laws are a liiitle less regressive? But really these playoffs should have been held in Europe or maybe Australia.

Well if we're going to be sick at home all weekend, we're definitely watching derby playoffs. Even if I'm still really really pissed at WFTDA for hosting them in Charleston.

I think I got the rally crud. Well damn. At least this fits into my schedule as well as any illness could, I don't really have plans this weekend. But I have so much I've been meaning to do.

I'm just going to call this "non-stop September"

Oh right this is why I don't go to arena shows any more.

Tomorrow we're seeing Heart and Joan Jett and Elle King. I'm not really recovered from the weekend but it'll be fun regardless! It's my first show at the Dome.

I'm an old lady who just bought a shiny new (lightly used) scooter to ride at a moped rally. Well, better to cheat a bit than to sit home. It's been a hard road to convince myself that I don't have to prove anything to anyone. Having a bike that goes and stops and isn't 40 years old is very nice.

Or not, now it's making a weird noise from the compressor so I guess it'll be getting replaced. This fridge has certainly been mishandled.

Well they might give us back almost half what we paid so I guess we're just going to have a scratched fridge.

Wtaf. we waited over a month for this new fridge to arrive. It gets here early this morning and we strip away the foam and plastic to find no protective film on one door and a massive scratch down the front.

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