nice cat portrait 

Mr. Temba Catface, looking good

Oh I finally found a queer gym in town. I think I'm going to go for it. Eep.

dog ec but mostly about the park nearby 

The big park near us is closing the scenic view road to car traffic probably forever. (Because of erosion.)
So we and a lot of other people just did one last loop. It was bumper to bumper. We got through just before the official closing time but a lot of people were still in there.
We'll still go ride bikes there, it was only open to cars a few hours a day, but I will miss the option to drive it, especially when older relatives come visit.

This morning it was light at 5 am. It was also 42 degrees. Is this what living in Alaska feels like?
Also last night was a wind storm and now it's raining. What.

The night before last, I dyed my hair pink, as I do occasionally. The last time it was pink was August, so it's been a while.
Husband didn't notice the change until I said something yesterday afternoon. We'd even been out in the sun and running errands for a couple hours before that. He said he saw it was pink, but I guess pink didn't register as new/different?
😂 Brains are so weird.

Looks like I'm back on the homemade cat food beat. It's been a decade since I last tried this, it didn't solve my problems back then. But we have a different set of (cat health) problems now, so here goes. Made my first batch yesterday.

Oh. the local farmers I follow are calling this "the toughest spring" they've ever seen. This makes me feel a bit better because it's been ROUGH.
We're breaking rain and cold records one after another this year. I haven't felt warm in months...except for my hot flashes, lmao.

I'm moping 

I want to move out of this country more than anything in the world. It's the only constant dream I've ever had, since I was in at least 3rd grade, 1991, maybe earlier.

I've cried so much over this, it feels like something I'll always want and never achieve. (Because I'm poor, and chronically ill, and I never became a professional.)

medical insurance fuck I'm spiraling - 

😭 I can't deal with insurance, I don't understand it, I keep getting so many bills that I don't understand. Like one that was adjusted 11 times before two years later deciding to bill me several hundred dollars - and threaten collections on me one week after the last adjustment.
And now I'm looking at a denial of labwork costs (a fucking pap) bc they say my in network doctor sent my tests to an out of network lab? How am I supposed to know or control that?

the perpetrator of my last post (cat ec) 

Taken just minutes before the catastrophe. She's never riding shotgun again!

pet bodily functions - gross - warning for emetophohia 

Oh God on the way to the vet this am the cat projectile vomited out the front of her crate. She pressed her little face to the wires and it was like a scene from a horror movie. It kept coming and coming. Worse, it went all between the seat & center console. IDK how I'm going to get to it w/o removing the seats. The car reeks of cat food & bile now and I have to run errands. It's so horrible. Thanks for reading this and suffering with me 🤢

(Business is vintage motorcycles, scooters, parts. Lots of Japanese vehicles, import and export.)

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I have never posted an introduction...but maybe I can pull something together.

I'm almost 40, nb, Tacoma WA. I have pets and a spouse, I don't have a real job, I was a science PhD candidate but burnt out super hard. I cook things (omnivore), I complain about my chronic health bs, I go silent and lurk for weeks at a time (mostly bc anxiety). I talk about the weather.

My main hobby is picking up and setting down new hobbies. I'm also attempting to learn Japanese, partially for business reasons.

The shoreline near our house on the one truly warm day we've had since last September.

weather blah 

I would have never believed it as a kid (in S Florida) if someone told me that I would one day welcome 65 degrees as a warm summery temperature.

This is the 4th day over 60 F that we've had since November (two days with a high of 61 in November). I've seen two days over 70 since we got back from the east coast last September. (One day in late September, and one beautiful day two weeks ago. We walked the shoreline at low tide.)

This was kind of a brutal winter. And Fall, and Spring.

Moved cross country just for my husband to randomly end up best friends with the husband of the college best friend of someone/half of a couple with whom I had old derby drama back East. :thisisfine:
It's fiiiine, I will almost certainly continue to pretend the drama was never a thing, forever. Nobody really needs to know! It just feels weird bc bff-wife thinks we have mutual friends and I'm kinda lying when I play along.

I did an art, it's a watercolor card 

It's a birthday card for my father in law. That's the Olympic mountains and Gig Harbor viewed across the Tacoma Narrows near my house. Picture taken 25 Feb 22. Painted today! I haven't done an art in quite a while.

food (not veg but you can't see that) 

I made cabbage rolls. It's been a long time, I should do this more often.
These are pretty nonstandard, with ground pork (heavy on the sage, I ground it myself), sautéed onion and carrot, and quinoa (cooked in seasoned chicken drippings and stock). Topped with mozz, and decent red sauce from a jar.

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