I discuss my favorite under-read fantasy books of the 2010s (fourth and final post in my "Readers of the Lost Arc" series on Lady Business blog):

Here's a nice blogpost by @stealthmunchkin about Mastodon and why you don't need to worry about instances to use it. (Basically, think of it like email rather than like the bird site.) andrewhickey.info/2017/11/16/m

After living 4 months in the Wanaka area, we finally went to see the tree that instagram has made famous.

Back pain update (happy news! But it involves needles) 

Anybody got recs for recent great middle-grade fantasy along the lines of Tui Sutherland's Wings of Fire series? My 8yo is a bit of a reluctant reader but loves the Wings of Fire books, so I'm seeking something similar. (Have tried the classics like Narnia, Diana Wynne Jones, Harry Potter, etc, with mixed results.)

I had big plans for writing productivity today. Made sure I had no other tasks, appts, etc. And then I made mistake of lifting my son's bike out of car when I dropped him off at school. Hello lower back spasm, worst I've had in a year or more. Now I'm lying in bed with my legs up on pillows & unable to move lower body without agony. Awesome. Guess I should learn to write fiction by typing 1-fingered on my phone.

I'm still figuring this place out, but already I love scrolling thru the feed when I take a brief break from writing. So much positivity & discussion of creative pursuits is lovely to see--I come away feeling refreshed & motivated. Speaking of which, back to the word mines...

Hey, everyone. I write adventure/epic fantasy (Shattered Sigil trilogy already pubbed, now working on a new fantasy featuring deadly sea magic, coral atolls, and spies).

I'm from Colorado but currently living on the South Island of New Zealand, which is just as beautiful as all the Lord of the Rings movies make it out to be. I do a lot of mountain climbing & skiing to procrastinate from writing.

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