my girlfriend is coming tonight, I'm making homemade pizza :3

Rip me being alive for my 8 am bus, although there's a 2h40m bus to Berlin, I may sleep.

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I accidentally found a goth place, I might be having a 4th beer which may be one too many but it's niiiiiice here and I want to stay :c

Having a last beer and then navigating to thee hotel, I'm so knackered. It feels kinda bad to leave the bar when people are arriving and I might actually join someone but also zzzz getting up at 6.30am

Presentation went excellently. Conference is over anD I have an evening to myself. I found a bar called Madness

I need a German person to tell me how I buy cigarette papers cause I panicked in the shop and got a pack of cigarettes. Which is fine but like.... I dont particularly like smoking cigarettes

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I am in Dresden and I have found food, now its just back to the hotel, chill a tiny bit and finish some peer feedback until tomorrow

I'm in Berlin, waiting for a bus. I am not made for travelling internationally alone...

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That's not very Kawaii Desu Ne of you, bro

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Be the Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way you want to see in the world.

I want to take a couple of wrapped pu'er bricks with me so that I can have *my* tea while I'm there, but it also looks like illegal and do I really want to get stopped because it looks like I'm bringing weed with me like an idiot?

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the problem isn't getting up at 7, the problem is going to bed at 11.

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