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Like pulling teeth from a stone.
like squeezing worms from a can.
Like pulling a crossing bridge.

You can lead a student to a stone, but you can't make her squeeze the blood out of it.

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you can't make an omelette without opening a can of worms, as the saying goes

it's snowy outside, therefore completely acceptable to do the Friday work like this. In other words I have a wordcount of 900 to reach today on this essay and I am about 600ish away so it is going swimmingly.

Zoom meeting in 20, time to make a liter of tea so I have an excuse to end it after 45 minutes when I have to pee

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my pc is back from repairs and I've created a feral goblin nest cause I'm ✨ depressed ✨

It's that creative food time of the month again, this soup, stew...thing was amazing. Ah, I feel loads better about the world after that.

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Cats must find humans meowing back frustrating at times.

"There you are! It's time for my lunch please."
"The yu aaaahis tie famy lunch peas"
"No I said it's TIME for my LUNCH"
"Tie fa lumpch"
"No human it is time for MY LUNCH"
"itis itis itis LUNCH happy happy danger"
"Fucksake just give me my biscuits"


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It's okay to feel joy right now. Don't feel guilty for not being stressed out by something for a couple of hours.

Reading Glitch Feminism by Legacy Russel and it's really good

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