tfw someone calls you out of the blue and needs the serious therapy part of you and you're not prepared. That was two very intense hours on the phone and I am fine and the other person is fine, but yeah. If you know you know, I guess.

It's always so joyful when I can reference my favourite memes seriously in my academic papers. I feel like I'm getting away with something, but It's Good And Important, Actually.

exam presentation in 6 days, nervous, it's 20 minutes talking about something I'm passionate about... somehow that's almost worse?

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I am home, jesus, I am so hungover and ssweaty, crashe din my friends spare room and getting home took over AN HOUR uuugh

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Would someone like to give me a medal for not snapchatting my ex back when he was hinting at flirtation and instead putting my thoughts into my Poetry Thoughts document?

Cause yikes. It's been a month and I still feel like I'm responding to him out of muscle memory at this point.

fell asleep at 7 am because I had a Very Good Scenario going in the dreamworld I go to escape my life, thus I am tired today.

the absolute hubris in putting all 3 of my duvet covers in the wash at the same time and praying one of them is dry before I go to sleep.

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I have tried to let good men love me kind.
I wonder sometimes
if I entered them like a fungi.
My heartbeat in their stomach, pulsing in the night
if some of my bad blood
travelled their system
like rot. I tried to make beds out of them
where I could rest
but I only made mulch. And I myself
am not really woman
but something belonging to the dark soil.

#poetry #corvusrobotica

did my make up to film a TikTok no one is gonna see, living my best life.

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I'm in a mindspace lately where I'm kinda not talking to a lot of people, and I'm figuring shit out, and I don't wanna be perceived, but if I have to be perceived I want it to be with very bright colours like a poisonous flower.

me: I'll do a subtle drag king look, that will be good practice on shadows...


Someone validate my soft chin so I stop second guessing cutting my hair very short tomorrow because I am not a sharp jaw gay

Single again, it was the right decision and I'm fine, sucks ya know.

Trying to get my database work done before The Weekend Start is kinda a lost cause, but I'm hoping to be done before 9

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