I was gonna wash my makeup off and go to bed but then I was like... What if I just add a bit more for a bit

In an attempt to make anxious days better I promised to only put on old playlists where I could sing along to all of the songs, this had resulted in a 3 day long musical between me and the kitchen chores.

I am fine with discovering I know every single word to Hadestown still

Also, okay this is gonna sound weird cause I'm not closeted, and I'm not shy about being queer. But when talking to my supervisor using "us" and "we" when talking about queer communities felt both really empowering and really scary. I still struggle with the "just bi and a bit gender fuck" as if there's a certain level of queer I need to be before I get to say "we".

But he was nonplussed (obviously, this was all going on in my head) and I feel really good about it.

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Had my first master workshop today. Decided on my e-lit project being about 1 hour long, and my written thesis about 20k words. So I did some preliminary story mapping and I am still feeling confident.

Don't worry, it'll pass.

Here's a cover sketch I did for the e-lit project, it is called Pantheon.

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I asked my flatmate if I should put my biflag on the yellow wall next to my bed.

flatemate: its nice...I think
Me: It's giving...bachelor with liverpool flag isn't it?
flatem: I mean. A little.
Me: it's fuckboi with something to prove.
flatem: what about on the blue
Me: on my literal headboard? That'll go over well with whoever I bring home.
flatem: Maybe wait and see if something opens up.
Me: That's what she said.
flatem: This is why its giving fuckboi vibes. Its not the flag.

Yesterday and today was busy. Yesterday I went to the centre to get paint, also picked up fake wines and considering starting a dionysian cult.

Anway started painting my room. The ocre wall is done and I have created a unholy bed nest in the living room whole painting is happening.

I downloaded Tinder again, with the same feeling when I'm kinda hungry and goes to look in the fridge only to find it's still full of ghosts, unicorn hunters, and one confused guy who took a wrong turn somewhere.

Alright, me and the master void begins now.

My goal: To create a electronic literature work that deals with queer identity building through monstrous metaphors, with the written thesis part being a contextualization of this work through queer theory, digital culture theory, and other established queer e-lit works.

Gonna write about the weird purgatory of posthumanism that exists when we're both flesh and cyberflesh in how we build our identities.

I'm basically just sat watching demon slayer and waiting for money at this point, and then things will happen very quickly.

I am hooooome, had a couple of socials face to face for a couple of hours. Now I am back home and I get to be alone here until after new years, it|s fucking freezing though.

spending xmas alone was nice, tons of leftovers, watched pride and prejudice, had some wine, and talked to my friends.

Ugh I hate xmas, at least I'm alone and not sat feeling anxious around other people.

right having a last glass of wine and then going to bed, I should...not start a new book at 2.30 am

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