Been a hell of a week and now I had to get tested cause a friend who drove me home two days ago was close to someone who tested positive, I'm vaccinated on first dose so I'm sure it'll be fine but yeah.

The universe was like "how about a little bit of everything all of the time?"

my grandad died an hour ago, he was the best man, taught me how to dance and how to fish, he never judged people for who they were, he took care of people when they were struggling and let people take care of him when he was struggling. I am going to miss him so much

Gotta love waking up to the smell of cat poop and going hunting.

I'm rereading a 47 books long historical supernatural family saga. its terrible, I love it so much. I think this is my 7th readthrough since my first when I was 12ish

Today's gender is Vague Shrugging Sounds, Counting Crows, and Oversized Grunge Jumpers.

vaccine side effects 

I feel like shit, but I think the fever broke for the last time and I feel less like the fatigue train hit me and dragged me across five stations. Jesus...


I am poked, that needle was so anti climatic! I didn't feel a thing, I needed to look down to make sure it was in.

Me at any point between 1 am and 8 am: You are a nightmare fur creature, hellion, cease your sound making and let me sleep beast.

Me at any point between 9 am and midnight: Baby baby, come into my arms for smooches, do you wish for me to dangle a toy for your amusement?


Going to get the vaccine in a few hours, I'm planning as if I am getting side effects for 2 days so cleaning before I go.

been in 3 different parks with two different friends today and I feel a bit scorched and that tired you get after sitting in the sun all day.

made a palette called "oxford shirt" and it's for a masc soft butchish character and no I will not explain but also I am not wrong.

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feel like shit today, but I'm continuing to work on character creation and I'm making colour pallets for different sections of the story. Some parts of this story is gonna look like bubblegum vomit, I need to reinstall my contrast checker.

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