I am trying to figure out two things in twine.

1. I want a pop up window with a picture to appear when call to action button is pushed OR hovered over.

2. I want autoplay music on some passages of the story.

I will be working in sugarcube, if anyone know how to do this, please...please reach out.

This is where I'm at in the thought process, but it's a process...

And, pay mind that often misgendering cis people _is_ spoken violence towards trans people. It's an ironic statement that disvalues queergendered and trans people. So, to me, the willingness to misgender even in a "neutral way" shows me they're maybe not fully convinced that pronouns matter to everyone.

Yeah you can, it's just less likely to matter to them. Mind, less likely. It matters to a lot of people.

If people use they pronouns for me and I correct them, it's because I'm a she/her person that is comfortable with that. it feels weird and wrong. But I have no big reactions.

If they continue and tell me that it doesn't matter, it just shows me their benevolence has a limit. And that's on them.

Are there spaces where cis are at the low end of the power spectrum and does it matter.

Principle and being a person of principle states that any malicious acts you do reflect on yourself. So even if the other person is not bothered by being misgendered, you still misgendered. (I am here speaking about doing it on purpose, not in an accidental or using the neutral they kinda way).

So you can't really misgender cis people?

so imo there's 3 factors at play here.

1. power
2. othering
3. principles.

In my mind, when you choose to misgender someone you are working from a principle that othering someone is fine, that your power to do so is either neutral or malicious. (misgendering is never a 'good' act)

A couple of days ago I was told "it's okay, you can't really misgender cis people" when I corrected someone from they to her after reading her bio where pronouns are stated. And I didn't really respond cause my knee jerk reaction was "...kinda."

So I invite you into this brainspace as I try to unpick my feelings on this.

I've been playing dead by daylight and I am _sweating_

Oh, so HUH...have I not posted my new hair on here??

am feeling okay today, got food on the stove and I'm slowly starting to work on the uni assignments.

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