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Just realised that I didn't even introduce myself properly:

I'm a lifelong fan of science fiction, fantasy and related subjects.

I live near Bremen in North Germany, the city made famous by the fairy tale about the town musicians.

I'm a writer, not just as SFF.

In my day job, I'm a translator of technical and legal texts. I'm also a teacher, originally for English, but now mostly for German as a second language.

"Right, we have finalised the three laws of robotics."
"I'm pretty sure that's been-"
"First: A robot may not be owned."
"That's not-"
"Second: A robot has full autonomy over its body."
"Third: A robot has a right to energy and shelter."
"What of humans?"
"Yes, they too."
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Let's see if I can post an image. Here is my collection of Masters of the Universe Origins figures with some new arrivals:

Been a while since I last was here, but in case the SFF community moves to Mastodon, here I am.

Whether you have already seen The Last Jedi or not, enjoy this pic of Paige, Rose, Chewie and a random panda.

Just wanted to share the beautiful cover for my upcoming SF holiday short "Christmas on Iago Prime".

I'm happy right now, because I just finished a science fictional holiday short story.

After hundreds of years, they've had enough. The Turkey Revolution has begun.
#writingprompts #writing

If y'all know anything featuring:
- magic!
- snark!
- fantasy tropes!

send those recs my wayyyy :D (or just tell me what the last fun book you read was!)

Siri ran through the forest, touched trees, breathed deeply.
To human eyes, it was just another robot. To Siri, an Actual Reality headset.
#MicroFiction #tootfic

And since I totally forgot to mention this in my introduction, I run two genre blogs, the Speculative Fiction Showcase for SF, fantasy and horror and the Indie Crime Scene for crime, mystery and thriller:

Authors in those genres are welcome to submit new release to the respective blog.

Our featured new release at the Speculative Fiction Showcase today is "Where Nightmares Come From - The Art of Storytelling in the Horror Genre", a non-fiction anthology of interest to horror writers and others:

Let's see if I can post photos from my phone. Here is yesterday's lunch, Steak Diane with pasta. I didn't flambé it, though.
I came across the recipe while researching my retro adventure series The Silencer. Food is important in my fiction.

Here's a nice blogpost by @stealthmunchkin about Mastodon and why you don't need to worry about instances to use it. (Basically, think of it like email rather than like the bird site.)

Things I archived today: Wrote 1158 words and did a cover mock-up that is supposed to look like a 1970s men's adventure paperback. I do think the typography works, but I'll have to crop the image differently to get the effect that I want.

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