The existence of badminton implies the existence of the vastly superior goodminton.

Grimes is false advertising because there is only one of her

The existence of Ryan Gosling implies the existence of a much larger and older Ryan Goose

Mastodon is Crumbling - And Many Blame The Fact That When You
Go To Someone Else's House For The First Time, You Can't Find Everything

We said "bingo! I crave the flame!" in my house for like two weeks

For the first time since it was canceled 16 years ago, Special Unit 2 has an official DVD release! I don't know how this is possible, but I'm glad it happened. It seems the biggest alteration was to some music (licensed???).

After complete isolation for the past few weeks, I can enjoy a few days of freedom with more Red Jacket Lupin the 3rd!

"One day I'm going to fully understand semicolons and never make another mistake"
*Looks at manuscript*
"Today is not that day."

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