Movie night was The Mask of Zorro (1998).

Much more thoughtfully constructed movie than I expected from a late-90s summer blockbuster. It's aware of its own mythicality, it's full of poetic justice and sexy fencing, and its locations, sound design, and costuming are impeccable.

I might need to start wearing cravats.

eye contact 

@Aradia I agree! I have a darker one in Seattle, but I leave it there so it's always available.

I want to use up this one though, as they are expensive! This was $8CDN

Medical, religion (-) 

The Christian Science center in my neighborhood has a window display about praying at coronavirus

If I didn't already find them frustrating, I would now.


Also, please remember to tag politics? I've been feeling like I've needed to walk away from Mastodon more and more often over the loss of consistent CW's.

eye contact, lewd 

@rockario hehehe. I've already warned you the fucking will be limited for a few days ;)

I'm on the bus, I'm on the bus.

re: eye contact 

@starkatt *happy wags* I feel good about it too!

Which is good, I'm on my way to a date!

@Skirmisher Like, I *just* got that message despite us being on the same instance and me having my phone and laptop both open to the whole time

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@Skirmisher Two PCs and Subway tooter on my phone. Will work fine for a while, and then not for ages.

@Skirmisher Two PCs and Subway tooter on my phone. Will work fine for a while, and then not for ages.

Tax Amazon March - At Bezo's Big Glass Balls 

@Aradia Geeze there are a lot of you! You all rock

Starting to get our intro in! Sneak peek at a sleeping Kitsune before hell (literally) breaks loose. #pixelart #demonlegend #screenshotsaturday #gamedev

@jessmahler Nice! Let me know if you ever need more help, that was very satisfying and I hope it was worth it for you!

...Course now I gotta buy the book anyway so I can have a copy of something I beta read XD

I learned last night that just a few years ago, I was such a piece of shit that I completely ruled out whole types of food "masquerading" as other foods (like lentil patties and other things that round really tasty), but I can't remember it, and now I hate that guy! I've missed out on some really good recipes over the years because of it!

It's never too late to stop being a piece of shit, but you can't get back all the things you lost during the time you we're shitty.

COVID-19, nCoV-19 

@pzmyers @bstacey Going from X to Y isn't as much of an issue as bring people from half the planet into one location and having them shake hands a bunch.

That said, the fact they cancelled it so close means a lot of people are already there and hanging out anyway, and it going to screw over a lot of students that will have trouble getting refunded now.

COVID-19, nCoV-19 

@pzmyers @bstacey

From what I'm seeing from attendees and people in similar situations, its most likely less Denver and more bringing together hundreds or thousands of people from all over the globe, sticking them in metal tubes for hours and then having them sit and socialize in close proximity for a bunch of days.

This is different from a travel restriction: That is saying you can't go from X to Y.

df shitpost 

Centrism: A Radical Approach was a legendary brown leather-bound codex.

This is a brown leather-bound codex.
The written portion consists of a 26 page manual entitled Centrism: A Radical Approach, authored by Edouard Siddon.

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