eye contact 

It is so gender fuckery day.

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re: eye contact 

@starkatt *happy wags* I feel good about it too!

Which is good, I'm on my way to a date!

eye contact 

@Canageek Get over here so we can fuck up each other's genders together, cutie

eye contact, lewd 

@rockario hehehe. I've already warned you the fucking will be limited for a few days ;)

I'm on the bus, I'm on the bus.

eye contact 

@Canageek I'd go a little darker with your shade of lipstick ;)

eye contact 

@Aradia I agree! I have a darker one in Seattle, but I leave it there so it's always available.

I want to use up this one though, as they are expensive! This was $8CDN

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