I've updated my follow lists on here. Used merge, so I might be following people I've unfollowed on Cybre.space, but that is always a cool way to get back in touch with people I unfollowed for one reason or another.

*Blows dust off my backup account while Cybre.space has issues*

FYI if cybre.space is down the best places to find me are @Canageek and my emergency backup @Canageek

Tabletop is a better bet as it is setup on my phone

So everyone knows, this is my backup account: My Main is @Canageek and my RPG talk is at @Canageek

Just logging in here to update my backup of @Canageek and let everyone know my new roleplaying account is @Canageek due to mastodon.weaponvsac.space shutting down.

Back up your accounts people. I moved my account from weaponvsac to dice.camp in 8 minutes, plus another one or two setting it up with Subway Tooter on my phone. You never know when an instance will die. This time I got warning, but next time I might not.

ATTENTION i am currently following 7 people which is just SAD because i know a lot of you are very cool (which is not relatable)

so pleas reply if you are like me: make an arts (video game or comick are my favorite). being traisn Gender. enjoy goth or horror punk rock gross stuff. extermely bad and powerful at posting On Line Content

then i will follow you back so we can scream at each other about Bull Shit

@Canageek Finally someone else who doesn't approve of the misappropriation of Rogue-Like.

@emdeesee @viciousviscosity I seriously considered buying a USB foot pedal keyboard so that I could do Ctrl and Meta with my feet. I was talked out of it by someone who said they'd tried it and that feet don't move fast enough so it actually slows you down.

(Now that I think about it, even beyond muscle fiber types and whatnot, just nerve conduction time is a problem.)

I decided to install emacs so I could look at the org mode everyone is talking about.
My first document pretty much looked like:


If you need to distract yourself for a little bit by just doing something "normal" for a while, Our Friend The Hexagon ( @HTHR ) is streaming some Flash games for a while.

Come through if you'd like. 💚


Should I watch True Detective? I know it has KiY/Carcosa elements, but how much do I have to have to watch to enjoy those bits, and is the rest of it any good? I'd watch it without a second thought if it were a 3 hour movie, but I don't know that I want to spend 18 hours plus on a TV show sight unseen.

"With McDonald's changing its Chinese company name to "Golden Arches," netizens are suggesting literal name changes that others could make."

Ref: twitter.com/shanghaiist/status

mfw a website doesn't have a non-scripted fallback

like i know webdevs would love to have slidey javascript things all over their pages for all devices but please just stop

a masotodon instance with no javascript. its just a static html page. you refresh it to see new posts

I see some cool questions, will answer them all in the morning

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