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New month, new self-promo!
I wrote a book! You can pick up my sweetweird-adjacent fantasy-noir about traumatized ex-imaginary friends, THE IMAGINARY CORPSE, or any of my short fiction via the buy links on my website at!

for no reason at all, completely unrelated to any books that might or might not be on my smashwords wish-list (definitely unrelated *suspicious squint*), here's my #patreon:

also apparently there's a thing called disability #pride month??? well, guess who's #disabled *and* #queer! this guy~

(also got ko-fi 👉 👈

(tried to do that cute pointy thing with the hands, but who knows how that works. it's bedtime. i'm sleepy. i'm going to bed. night.)

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Happy Sunday Interfriends! I’m having a bad pain day (something is up with my back, an old injury we think) but I’m getting through with ice and rest and the downtime might be a boon long-term. I hope you’re having a relaxing day minus the back stuff!

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Happy Saturday Interfriends! Have a mid-D&D selfie!
I'm doing pretty well -- in some back pain but I have a COVID-cautious massage therapist I am working with to help with it. I hope you too find some help for life's troubles today!

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Happy Friday, Interfriends, from your local prog-metal queer! Hoping that you have something fun and restful scheduled for the next couple days after a deeply dreadful week. You are loved.

"If sexual activity between same-gender people became illegal, the police would be the ones enforcing those laws.

That's why police are not welcome at Pride. Pride is for unconditional supporters, not for those who would become enemies as soon as they're ordered to."

So, anyone know of a company in Europe willing to hire and import a software engineer from the US? Asking for a friend.

I rarely comment on current events because I have anxiety and PTSD and often all I can think in the moment is screaming,. I say you deserve to be safe and loved because I know no matter what other fight I may have in me, I can always share that truth fash want to take from us.

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Happy Thursday from me and the cats, Interfriends! Hoping you and yours are managing to find space for healing and happiness today. You deserve it.

Reminder that "meritocracy" and "work ethic" are toxic lies made up to cover for rich people's and countries' systemic looting :purple_sparkling_heart:

The manuscript for the WIP is with my agent for what should be the last time! (We might have some light final copyedits but I *should* be going on sub and moving on to a new project.) I am so excited and so relieved!

A while back I saw someone post something like “do Americans really get little stickers when they vote? Seems pretty childish :/” and the answer is yes we do and also fuck off, stickers rock

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Happy Tuesday Interfriends. I’m having a fairly comfy, happy day, if one where I deffo need a nap, and I am wishing for as much comfort to come your way as is mine.

Bare chest, tattoo 

I present: my new tattoo. This one was for turning 40 (a few months late…) and is to remind me I contain the capacity for joy.

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