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cis people: first vs current profile challenge! Look at how much I’ve changed!

trans people: hold my beer

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It feels so good to write again!
Flip side: I did a lot that morning but almost nothing on the evening session.
Aka: all of these books open make me look QUITE productive!

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Walking through Macy's yesterday on my cosplay shopping trip (nothing suitable on clearance) and everything is MINIDRESSES and SEQUINS and RHINESTONES and FRINGE and the next decade is gonna be the party decade and then the stock market's gonna tank and we won't be able to grow food but at least we'll have warm memories of dancing to Imagine Dragons in our sparkly Flapper dresses

Major motivations for eating
So I can:
- 🍷
- have 🍩
- take my 💊
- it is SUPER impolite to pass out while visiting with friends 👀

I love for version 5 uses 2nd person and they/them to totally circumvent the use of gendered language.
The former editions alternated she/he every other page. That was way better then he exclusively, but I'm appreciative of the inclusive update that removes a major obstacle so I can just enjoy the game!

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As a reader, it is instructive to find out what the author thinks of their own text, and whether and how their opinion of it disagrees with your opinion of it.

As a writer, it is instructive to find out what your readers see in your work that you did not deliberately put there. Close reading by someone who is not you may reveal your unconscious biases, or give you the choice of whether to lean into the deeper symbolism of your work.

My least favorite hole is when the blatent sociopath/narcissist grow a conscience and redeems themselves.

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