I looked all over for scissors but only found three wine bottle openers.

Is it ok to only hang out with people when you're DM'ng a game for them?

I could reach out to a professional to help me examine my recent drop in general motivation and 99% absence of craving for social company
Or I could just sink into and see who still loves me when I come out the other side with at least one finished book.

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crazy idea! ( #optimism, #community, #rpg) 

Double fisting:
Paperback in one hand, phone in the other

Bc i show up 45 minutes early to a date to read and start a .

POC fantasy/scifi authors - of course I'm open to suggestions

My new thing: Cathing up on all the fantasy+scifi by authors of color that I've missed out on for the decades of my reading career

*writes two pages a day for a week, stops doing dishes and watering their plans*
Welp, guess I'm a writer now.

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Moishe Beregovsky, the prominent Soviet-Jewish ethnomusicologist, wrote that no folk music exists in a vacuum representing some sort of essential "folk soul." Rather, folk music is constantly evolving in response to the people's material conditions and cross-pollination with neighboring traditions.

In this video Daniel Kahn is listening to Midwestern Irish radical troubadour Emmett Doyle sing his newest satire of business unions, "Bread and Butter."

YouTube link: youtu.be/wN4EtUJ4pEw

(Big bonus fuck you to my ex who is to cowrite with me on his inspirations but never showed much interest in my original work)

I'm also fortunate to have attracted a fellow (I'm pretty sure he's actually some kind of forest animal that got stuck in a pair of thumbs though?) who built a nest for me to lay and hatch my stories in. Plus I've got a couple good cheerleader friends who are ahead excited to read my stuff and tell me when I left out details.
Thanks to these folks I have an almost finished poetry book and a healthy clutch of short stories cooking.

Do you have/had people in your life that you think of as sponsors or patrons or whatever of your creative endeavors?

I'm pretty much stuck in genteel poverty. Luckily I have a fine Lady friend who's modest but comes from some means and likes to take me with her to art shows and sneak me in to use the printing facilities she has access too.

I've got a pretty good Sociological Imagination.
It used to keep me up at night, just like my general imagination.

So I friend came out of town and we celebrated with a five person Vampire the Masquerade (5) one shot. The plot potential plot and setting was barely explored, but the players still had a ton of fun with the premade sheets I handed out (plus aspects they chose). There were a lot of things I could have done better,
But the best thing I did was say "And as you peer out through the partially unzipped body bag you see a dark brick room and recognize.... the rest of the Neighborhood Watch."

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Getting up from a movie-length dream and lookin for the bin to throw away my popcorn.

Fortunately it was still relatively restful.

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