PSA: reading creepy stories in bed just before you go to sleep may lead to creepy dreams after you doze off.

It is past time for me to get a jumbo ball winder. Maybe I'll buy myself one for Giftmas.

Seriously, WHO USES ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS these days??? Also, publishers who say you can read ADE galleys on KOBO? I. Don't. Think. So.

Last night while I was putting a skein of yarn on my umbrella swift, the clamp at the bottom of the umbrella part came loose & dropped to the bottom.

I had a moment's frisson of shock, thinking of how catastrophic (in yarn terms) it would have been if that had happened while I was winding a 1200 yd skein of lace weight yarn.

I put a separate clamp under the main clamp to wind my yarn.

To you folks out there writing: My hat's off to y'all! Seriously, writing has never been other than a chore & a burden to me. I truly admire those who do it because they love it. Well done.

Trying to generate enough oomph to get up and go to spinning guild today. So very low, though. Maybe more coffee would help.

Finally finished knitting the last of the cardi. Final skein of yarn had more knots that all the other skeins put together. Go figure... Now to darn in ends and wash and block.

Oh man, The Writer and Critic podcast is ending. :( :( :( They've been a wonderful source of good books for me. Much sadness.

That moment when you're 55 rounds and an i-cord bind-off from finishing your cardi and you. just. CAN'T. 😯 At least, not tonight. Already knitted thru 3 movies today

Well, BobTheDog saw the neighbor's cat in the yard yesterday. He was in the house, and bolted straight through the sliding screen door. Sigh.

I've been off Twitter for 2 days now. Kinda scared to go back. Being away let me know how much time I'd been spending there. That's time I didn't use more constructively. I do miss the option to post random thoughts though. :/

I'm starting that process of cleaning things out now so my family doesn't have to do it after I"m gone. AFAIK I'm not imminently dying, but you just never know as you get older.

I donated 3 of my bikes to a group that gives bikes to kids today. Sad to see them go, but was definitely time. I still have tow, so I'm fine.

Worrying about my Willow-dog who isn't putting weight on right rear leg after she fell chasing a squirrel yesterday. Vet visit later today.

Current reading: Clash of Eagles by Alan Smale. Alt history where Roman Empire didn't fall, and legions came to North America and met the indigenous people there. Not bad.

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