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(And to be clear I have absolutely nothing against painting or customizing furniture. Plenty of really talented people are doing amazing things with IKEA pieces or other big-box-store finds. I'm not going to get shirty about the artistic integrity of particleboard.

It's just the folks who act like they're rescuing antiques by making them look like spray-painted IKEA pieces when they could just...spray paint IKEA pieces).

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(This project is an example of why I think folks should have to be licensed to use chalk paint. I've seen would-be "upcyclers" claim they just HAD to ruin an antique with some twee pastel paint because "the wood was too damaged" and like, do they not know how sanding works? Cause if not that's even MORE worrying).

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Today's project has been refinishing a cedar chest we got for free. It's solid cedar and sturdy but it has definitely seen better days: burn marks, initials and doodles gouged in with ballpoint pen, and the finish was crazed and cloudy. We've sounded it down to bare wood and trued up the corners a bit. Once the glue dries, we'll lay down a first coat of tung oil.

I was going to do a bunch of writing today but instead I did a bunch of chores and now I'm playing The Outer Wilds

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If you create any piece of hardware (or mounting bracket) that needs to be screwed to something that doesn't already have the holes for the screws, include a sheet of paper that has its outline printed on it and the screw holes, so people can use it as a stencil for the wall holes.

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Falsehoods programmers believe about gender:
* Gender is the same as sex
* Sex is the same as gender
* There are exactly two genders
* There are exactly three genders
* There are a countable number of genders
* All genders are already known
* Trans is a gender

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Strange New Worlds (actual spoiler this time) 

So they're really gonna pretend this is based on an "unused Gene Roddenberry script" instead of giving Ursula K Le Guin a writing credit for adapting her work!?

What the fuck, Star Trek

(I believe Roddenberry independently developed that idea like I believe Berman didn't rip DS9 off B5)

Like many folks I had a while there where I just did not have the concentration of emotional bandwidth to read a whole book

Cadfael was nice because I could trust the formula: they get tense but not too tense, and they always have happy endings.

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I stopped halfway through Crooked Kingdom cause things were getting tense and I couldn't handle tense at the time, but maybe I'll pick it back up

I've also got Butler's Mind of My Mind, a couple Reluctant Royals, Kaiju Preservation Society, and a few other things in a literal stack in my office

Maybe time to excavate the pile

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OKAY SO I have now finished the entire Brother Cadfael series (except for the prequel short stories, which I'm reading now)

I was thinking of picking up another long series but maybe I should just tackle the tbr.

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New arrival: a 1963 Voss ST24. Needs a bit of work and a thorough cleaning, but once that’s done this should be amazing.

So yeah: wild weekend planned. Whiteboard, index cards, post-its, and backpack augmentation.

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I should also get a whiteboard together for the writing retreat. I've got a roll of whiteboard somewhere that I can attach to the back of a corkboard

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I have a mini virtual writing retreat booked for this weekend where I'll try to get my novel outline straightened out.

In addition to that, my new backpack needs Even More Pockets, and a key keeper, so I'll be taking apart my previous backpack and adding several of its pockets to the new. And hopefully adding patches.

Strange New Worlds 

Last night's episode reminded me of Tales of Ba Sing Se, from Avatar. The structure was different but it was five smaller stories.

Also if you're going to do a silly episode early in Season One, THAT is how you do it

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Pleased to announce that the 20-foot yard skeleton that was put up in our neighborhood in 2020 is still going strong, currently dressed in some kind of spring gardening outfit.

The hot weather here sent me to the very back of my closet for work appropriate clothing that I wouldn't melt in, and so I showed up at work in a dress instead of my plain dress and y'all it was weird

It was so weird

It feels like a costume

It's fine, but it's weird

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