About to beat The Outer Wilds maybe

Maybe not this game is weird who knows

This morning's waistcoat update: The Stanley Parable Deluxe Edition is really good

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the most popular language used by programmers is profanity
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Latest draft of my waistcoat pattern is pretty much ready to go. I mocked this one up in a heavier muslin that behaves more like my wool and wool blends.

Next up: time to actually cut some fabric. Probably starting with a wool/rayon remnant, but not sure what I'm doing about lining. I might have enough to self-line.

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These days the beds usually drain pretty well (I helped build the garden so I know our drainage setup and it should be up to the task). This is the first time this season I've seen standing water in the beds, even though we've had a fair few downpours.

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Once we're back to wet soil instead of straightup mud, I'll top dress with fertilizer. I think that's what got us last year when nothing grew: the bed flooded a few times early in the season (while we were figuring out irrigation) and we didn't replace the lost nutrients after.

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Huge thunderstorm last night. I went to check the garden plot this morning and one of our beds flooded. 3.5" of water over the course of a few hours will do that, I guess.

I syphoned the standing water out of the flooded bed and will check soil moisture this afternoon - hopefully they'll all dry out by end of day and we'll be okay.

Good morning. I'm back at the sewing table today to hopefully finalize my waistcoat draft.

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Random question of the week:

has your perspective on television procedural dramas & how they portray police officers or medical professionals changed at all in the last 4-6 years?

If so, how much? Has a particular real-world event or favourite series influenced this change?

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It's almost like all these fake gamer guys are just in it for the attention and never cared about the games...

Outline wise I think I'm finally on the right track (after two years of beating my head against it) because I've gone from feeling like I'm slogging through to keep the book from being too short to feeling like I've found something exciting to add.

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It is morning here and I have tea. The cucumber plants continue to be prolific. I've managed to write every morning this week and am making some real progress on the middle of this outline.

The sun rises and we begin again.

@Unatributed Edge is built on chromium so I'd personally categorize it as a variant

@Jorah thanks! Amazing what a random orbital sander and some tung oil can do

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