Me messing with data: "I don't need to make a migration for this--it's just a quick change I'll undo in a sec."
Me an hour later, desperately trying to get my migrations and my sqlite database to agree: "Fuck my whole entire life."

@janellecshane tag yourselves I'm impossible maple spinach apple pie.

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@betamatt mine is William Ryeker. We could form a whole crew.

I made rye sourdough today for use in stuffing, but it smells awesome and I want to eat it.

Should have made two loaves.

@jessmahler It's basically the same as normal macaroni pie; just with GF macaroni.

@snipejaeg Thanks! I can handle gluten but am allergic to wheat, so I use GF baking products a lot.

@zaclittleberry sides are definitely the best part. I've been a vegetarian since I was nine and honestly does anyone know how to make turkey because all I hear is people complaining that it's hard.

This is my first thanksgiving since giving up wheat. We're doing the stuffing with GF bread and trying to get a hold of GF french fried onions, but may have to fry our own onions for green bean casserole. I'm also gonna attempt macaroni pie again--still trying to up my game there.

Anybody else got fun plans?

We packed that auditorium. Most attended event I hosted at school.

(and no we weren't doing anything squirrelly like charging admission. We just wanted to invite the campus to watch the movie with us. The lecture was super good though).

Once back in college, I wanted to screen V For Vendetta on the projector in the big auditorium, but was told it as a copyright violation unless it was academic. So we got the professor who was teaching a course on revenge literature to open the film with a lecture. 😎

@katsudonburi As a pacifist this struggle is like my entire writing life. Totally hear you.

I spent this weekend sewing halloween costumes, and my partner was helping by doing a bunch of the ironing, transferring pattern markings--even a little cutting. Having a supportive partner who'll help with the tedious parts of creative projects feels like some kind of superpower. Like look how much I can get done when someone else is ironing the hem for me!

@katsudonburi I feel this in my very BONES. Fluff is kind of my life but I feel like everything needs to be dialed up to eleven right now, and also like rage and hurt and anger are perceived as deeper and more real than joy. Small, happy stories are tough in this landscape.

Good morning, shop. What good thing will you do today?

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Hey folks. There's a lot going on right now. Have you had enough water today?

Spouse was trying to get me out of bed on Saturday morning and threatened to sing "Manamana" until I got up.

Me: 🎶Do DO do do-do!
Him: Wh--?
Him: uh...
Me: 🎶Do do do do-do / do dodo / do do dodo do!
Him: ...
Me: There's a flaw in your plan.

Mariott is trying to email me deals right now like my mother raised me to cross picket lines. Nope. Here's a fun fall activity in Boston, Mariott: negotiate in good faith with your employees!

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