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Spent some time at the local gardens yesterday, watching bees and butterflies dance through the autumn blooms. Very soothing.

The thing about doing my invoices by hand instead of using invoice software is I can number my invoices non-sequentially.

Y'ALLLLL My story, "Carborundorum > /dev/null," is on the cover of @firesidefiction's September issue! This is my first illustrated story AND my first cover story.

I'm dropping a link here, but also a Content Warning: this story is about teenage girls, rape culture, and . It is relevant to current events and made of rage. But it is also made of hope, and love and empathy for girls.

Mushroom, onion, and bovre crepes I made with my new rye sourdough starter, William Ryeker.

This is just to say
I have purchased some plums
Just to put in the icebox
Even though you are probably
Tired of this joke
Forgive me
It is obnoxious
So plain and so old.

Wandering.Shop is named for the literary trope in which a shop of oddities appears to the hero, sells them something that kicks off their story, then vanishes.

Today, next to an old Quaker graveyard, I came across precisely the kind of antique shop that inspires the trope: on the outside an ordinary-looking house; on the inside, a twisty series of rooms full of random curiosities. Including this late 1930s Remington Remette, which came home with me.

I think it's time to write this scene
Get everybody and the stuff together
Okay, three, two, one, let's jam!


The hilarious dungeon names in Rogue Wizards aren't my most favorite thing about the game, but they're pretty high on the list.

Getting my Captain Marvel Disneybound off to a good start.

A common failure mode for image descriptions is giving way too much irrelevant detail. For example, if I'm talking about fountain pen storage, all I need to say is "my fountain pen storage case." Listing out the make and color of each pen is just going to bog down screenreaders with irrelevant information that folks will have to skip through.

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Doing a re- since we've got so many new folks lately:

Hi, I'm Annalee! I'm one of the admins of the Shop, along with @phildini! I'm a science fiction writer and web developer. Here to talk about , , , , , and my adorable dog, pictured:

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