And an update on the cedar chest: the lid is done. It needs replacement hardware so reattaching it is Future-Annalee's problem, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Didn't refinish the sides but might in the future.

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Latest draft of the pattern, shown underneath the previous version for comparison. Longer back hem! (though I neglected to remove the dart-truing from the back so I'l need to straighten it out manually).

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I know I said it was done but since I was changing the side seam anyway, I decided to bring it in a bit at the shoulders and redraft the armscye, and changed the front hem a bit to make the buttons make more sense

And then I printed it again because HECK WHY NOT I am living the large format printing dream

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Finished a muslin of the waistcoat and it's in good shape! I cut extra wide side seam allowances because I thought I might need extra hip room after dropping the hem an inch below my waist, and indeed, as the wrinkles indicate, I need to let it out at the back for that last inch. But it fits everywhere else (though better on me than on Eowyn here due to differences in our shoulders)

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Project progress! 2nd coat of tung oil is almost dry on the cedar chest lid, and @Longwing got me out of print driver hell so I'm living my large format pattern printing dreams.

Today's project has been refinishing a cedar chest we got for free. It's solid cedar and sturdy but it has definitely seen better days: burn marks, initials and doodles gouged in with ballpoint pen, and the finish was crazed and cloudy. We've sounded it down to bare wood and trued up the corners a bit. Once the glue dries, we'll lay down a first coat of tung oil.

Working out patch placement for my new backpack. Still need to find my "I [] Unicode" patch.

This morning in the garden plot: blooming nasturtiums, thyme, and tomato.

Still no sign of life from most of the marigolds; I may need to pick up some plants to fill in.

#TunicGame spoilers 

This is giving me serious Avatar: The Last Airbender vibes

(If you know you know)

Love it when a block comes together.

Transferred the latest round of adjustments to the muslin and it's looking pretty good!

Update: still in printer driver hell on the Mac, but the windows box will print - so I can now confirm that printing out pattern pieces whole without having to tile them is, in fact, THE DREAM

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By contrast, this sloper is built on the block I drafted a week ago, using DressPatternMaking.Com 's method, which is designed for people with non-standard busts.

It still needs a bit of tweaking (though it fits me better than it does Eowyn here). But it fits in all the hard to change/would probably need to start over places: the upper bust, armscye, shoulder slope and back are correct.

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A tale of two drafting methods: the waistcoat mockup was built off a block that I created using the standard drafting methods you can learn just about anywhere. Observe the pulling from the side seam to the bust, and the gaping armscye.

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Whenever beginning sewists ask me for tips, the two biggest ones I have are this: 1. Finish your seams, and
2. Sewing is ironing.

Case in point: I'm using long stitches, because this is a mockup, and as ye sew, so shall ye rip. But one of these darts has been ironed after stitching, and the other has not.

Stitching pushes the weave of the fabric out of alignment. Ironing puts it back, locking the stitching in between the threads of the weave.

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Good morning. I have tea and open-source pattern drafting software (Seamly2D!) and my goal this morning is another run at my pattern block. This version uses's instructions, which don't presume "off-the-rack" proportions, especially in the bust.

Filled in a bunch of squares in the garden plot today. The garlic has been there all winter. Today we harvested the remaining spinach (it freezes well!) and planted tomatoes, tomatillos, cukes, aubergine, zucchini, summer squash, hot peppers, and lots of herbs. And we've still got empty squares to fill in 😬

I'm often reluctant to post glaring mistakes (unless they're funny), but this one is a really good illustration of why folks with large busts can't just buy standard sizes and "get them altered" to fit.

This waistcoat was drafted to my measurements using standard drafting methods, but despite multiple rounds of adjustments, it still doesn't fit in the bust.


Waistcoat draft two. I think the math is right at this point, but I will make it up in a heavier muslin to check before I cut the wool.

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Hey folks. There's a lot going on right now. Have you had enough water today?

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