Also hey folks who are new to mastodon I run an instance and am good at explaining things, AMA about Mastodon.

(Well I co-run an instance; @phildini does the heavy lifting. But I can explain the user side of things!)

@Annalee Thank you for the welcome! How do I find out which toot a particular toot is replying to?

@JanelleCShane on the browser, if you click on the toot, the conversation should pop up in the righthand column.

@JanelleCShane on Tusky (the android app), when I tap a toot it takes me to the conversation.

@Annalee aww my local instance is all tooting in Japanese. You seem nice over at

@Annalee Is there a way to add more columns in the web interface? I’m totally missing it if there is. 😀

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