Project progress! 2nd coat of tung oil is almost dry on the cedar chest lid, and @Longwing got me out of print driver hell so I'm living my large format pattern printing dreams.

This Waistcoat pattern is built off the latest version of my block, so hopefully it just needs one last mockup to confirm fit before I can make up some finals. None too soon too because I'm going to start working from the office more days starting next month and I need waistcoats that fit my phone.

Finished a muslin of the waistcoat and it's in good shape! I cut extra wide side seam allowances because I thought I might need extra hip room after dropping the hem an inch below my waist, and indeed, as the wrinkles indicate, I need to let it out at the back for that last inch. But it fits everywhere else (though better on me than on Eowyn here due to differences in our shoulders)

I know I said it was done but since I was changing the side seam anyway, I decided to bring it in a bit at the shoulders and redraft the armscye, and changed the front hem a bit to make the buttons make more sense

And then I printed it again because HECK WHY NOT I am living the large format printing dream

Next, I'll take apart my last muslin and recut it on this new pattern. If all is well I'll do a test fit on my heavier muslin, which will become the waistcoat lining.

Recut the armscye and reassembled the muslin and it's definitely much improved. And now I've decided I want to drop the back hem another 2-3 inches so it'll cover the waistband of mid rise jeans and trousers. BUT THAT'S OKAY because I can just make the changes and PRINT THE PATTERN BACK OUT (I am drunk on power)

(yes, pattern drafting uses a lot of paper. That would be true even if I was doing it by hand, and even more true if I was tiling letter size sheets together. All the scrap paper gets recycled - most of it right in my workshop, as bench protectors, or for support for drying ceramic. I end up with cotton scraps too so I might take up paper making)

Latest draft of the pattern, shown underneath the previous version for comparison. Longer back hem! (though I neglected to remove the dart-truing from the back so I'l need to straighten it out manually).

This back hem may in fact be *too* long but I wanted to err on the long side, because I can always shorten, right?

The large format printer takes a lot of bench space but gosh is it handy.

I may try to build a stand for it under the sewing table.


And an update on the cedar chest: the lid is done. It needs replacement hardware so reattaching it is Future-Annalee's problem, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Didn't refinish the sides but might in the future.

@Jorah thanks! Amazing what a random orbital sander and some tung oil can do

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