Okay so apparently I didn't understand how cucumber plants work or like

what they do

because they just started producing and we already have four pounds of cucumbers

These are the early ones! Looking at all the little ones currently on the vines, we're going to have A LOT of cucumbers in a bit

So anyway we pickled last night--using our own dill, which is exciting!

Next year maybe we plant one square of cukes instead of two

@Annalee I'm reminded of (sub)urban legends about how in *some* neighbourhoods, you have to remember to lock your car doors, or else someone might break in and leave a giant bag of recently harvested zucchini/courgettes in the back seat.

Cucumbers and their family members really can go overboard in producing fruit!

@twotone for sure! We're doing squarefoot and we did two squares for cucumber and then one zucchini plant--the zucchini has been flowering but not producing (probably a pollination issue) but the cukes are going wild. We will offer them to neighbors and the local food bank once they start really going.

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