OKAY SO I have now finished the entire Brother Cadfael series (except for the prequel short stories, which I'm reading now)

I was thinking of picking up another long series but maybe I should just tackle the tbr.

I stopped halfway through Crooked Kingdom cause things were getting tense and I couldn't handle tense at the time, but maybe I'll pick it back up

I've also got Butler's Mind of My Mind, a couple Reluctant Royals, Kaiju Preservation Society, and a few other things in a literal stack in my office

Maybe time to excavate the pile


Like many folks I had a while there where I just did not have the concentration of emotional bandwidth to read a whole book

Cadfael was nice because I could trust the formula: they get tense but not too tense, and they always have happy endings.

@Annalee maybe I should pick up Brother Cadfael myself then. Desperately in need of low tension reads.

@edebill so it's worth noting that they are set during The Anarchy in England. So they're not super light (the second book opens with a mass hanging) - but the violence isn't generally graphic, and the good guys always win.

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