I've been trying to quit tea because caffeine exacerbates a medical condition--but now I'm on new meds for that condition that are working great, so that means I get to drink All The Tea, right?

@Annalee hmm, i don't know if that's how it works. but .. yes.

anyway, maybe you want to look into hojicha

it's written that it's low on caffeine anyway, and one i bought actuall had a note on it saying that has no caffeine at ll (and as i understood it was not processed/decaffinated)

the taste is defined by the roasting, but it's made from actual tea plant, so maybe it serves your taste and has no/ is low on caffeine.

i thought i share this information with you 🍵

@Annalee I might advise a more structured moderate approach, but... I'll share in cautious congratulations!

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