Linus acknowledging his toxic behavior is a step in the right direction. I'm glad he's finally realizing what people (especially marginalized people) have been telling him, at great personal cost to themselves, for *years.*

While he's taking time to work on himself, I hope the Linux and open-source communities do likewise, and interrogate why we let his toxic behavior damage our community for so long.

How many kind, empathetic engineers with genius-level skill and revolutionary ideas did we lose because they were driven out by the culture of abuse and bullying that Linus promoted and exemplified?

People talk about how Linus is a genius like his toxic, abusive behavior was the price of benefitting from his genius.

I can't help wondering how many better operating systems and better version control systems withered in the minds of better engineers than Linus, because open source's toxic culture pushed them out.

@a_breakin_glass @bstacey @Annalee yea you can search online for the accounts of women who left kernel dev because linus was shitty

@Annalee It seems like a silly argument on its face. Linus was capable of learning how his behavior affected others, and he's still the same engineer. Therefore, Linus himself proves they're not mutually exclusive!

Unless the people angry about it are hypothesizing that he's been brain-neutered now that he's aware of people and feelings. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

@Annalee I guess the "blame" command wouldn't have the same name 😉

@Annalee I've seen so many trolls saying that him trying to better himself is a bad thing. I guess their insecurities come from toxic masculinity. Apparently the model for development since the late 70s is Steve Jobs. Be an asshole and you get a GUI.

It's all about other patches. One of recent examples is grsecurity:

This code exists but it's outside of distros. You want alternative builds, you'll have to look for them.

People just write new features and Linus lets them in or not. Letting them in means obligation to support their code forever, so the code has to be good.

Kernel coding is hard, the barrier to enter main kernel has to be high. But hopefully he'll use less expletives showing the door.

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