Wandering.Shop is named for the literary trope in which a shop of oddities appears to the hero, sells them something that kicks off their story, then vanishes.

Today, next to an old Quaker graveyard, I came across precisely the kind of antique shop that inspires the trope: on the outside an ordinary-looking house; on the inside, a twisty series of rooms full of random curiosities. Including this late 1930s Remington Remette, which came home with me.

@Annalee Ooh, that’s a very nice typewriter. Good find!

@lakhesis thanks! It's in really good condition. A few sticky keys, but otherwise it types great!

@Annalee Very cool. Even better!

I often get ideas about buying typewriters at sales when I find them, but then have to talk myself down for lack of space. (And small kids.)

@lakhesis I have fond memories of playing with my mother's manual typewriter as a small. I still have it--but the Remette is a lot more portable.

@Annalee That is a *gorgeous* typewriter. What a find!

@Annalee that's such a good find. it looks like it is in such good condition. nice!

@wilkie A few sticky keys, but otherwise in great shape!

@Annalee There was a junk shop in a tiny town in Maine that had, among old buoys and brass knicknacks, a glass case with an actual Egyptian mummy in it.

@Annalee But did the shop vanish after you bought your typewriter?

@Annalee There is a tiny shop on the Rotterdammerbrug that I've only seen open once in the middle of the night. It doesn't wander, although I didn't have time for a side quest, so I'm not certain what sort of wares they sell.

Just got a new ribbon for my Hermes "Baby" portable manual typewriter. Nice and clear now!

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