Hey dudes of Mastodon! Can you leave the mansplaining on those other sites and not bring it here? It's easy! When you see a post from a woman you don't know:
✔️ Be friendly or insightful. Both is better!
✔️ Assume she knows the subject, even if you think she just made an error
✔️ Ask good-faith questions about her context
✔️ "Yes! And..."
❎ Neg
❎ Give unsolicited advice
❎ Act like she knows nothing about the subject
❎ Presume she wants to (or has any responsibility to) debate you.

Basically: if Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson were standing right in front of you, would you say the thing you're about to say to a woman you don't know on the internet? If not, maybe don't say it! It's probably mean, rude, and/or sexist!

@Annalee (Side note: Seeing him on TV and in movies, you would think the Rock would have incredible magnetism in person, but it is actually about five times more than even that.)

@Annalee Now you've got me wondering if there's a word to describe when a woman is speaking down to a man.

@Annalee hope it's okay if I leave a PS here for my fellow guys?

fellas, if you're reading this and thinking "phew, glad i'm not one of those," there's a pretty high risk that you are, in fact, "one of those"

@Annalee I don't have the vocabulary or skill to properly phrase this, but I feel like this is a weird cultural thing that I grew up with and didn't even realize it wasn't the "default" way of behaving until I was embarrassingly old. Thanks for the reminder!

It can be a constant watch, and it's worthwhile! I still have to check myself; the people in my life are grateful & not as annoyed with me because I do, and it's nice.

@Annalee Can I ask for a source (for a specific claim) if none is given? If so how should I phrase such a question?

@dirkjaeckel I'd suggest first Googling, and if nothing comes up, something like "I'd love to read more about [thing] if you've got a sec to drop links! I tried googling but couldn't find a source for [claim]."

Be sensitive, however, to the fact that asking for sources might come across as hostile. Lots of people pretend to ask for info when they're actually trying to start an argument.

@Annalee It sickens me that you had to say this, but I’m glad you did

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