Hey folks!

We closed registration in the Shop because we got a wave of spammers--like so many they were drowning out our local timeline. We're bummed that's making it harder for real people to get into the shop, and are trying to be as free with invites as possible. Please feel free to ping me if you'd like an invite. Shop members can generate their own invites here:

@Annalee All the cool folks seem to be on and I think I cozy and friendly small instance would be a better fit for me if an invite is possible 🙂.

@Annalee I shouted out to my birdsite followers ("if you want an invite please DM me"). I hope I won't regret it -- I have one follower who is almost a stalker, asks me why whenever I unfollow them, and I don't want to inflict him on the shop so I intend to "forget" to send them an invite if they ask.

@Annalee Oh, and then I can tell them I had a limited number and they were just beyond the limit.

@Annalee Argh and I was being so careful with my pronouns :-/ (it's not second nature yet)

@irina Yeah I've got a few folks around the internet who are bad at boundaries. Mostly they're pretty harmless but it can get real annoying. I recommend soft-blocking or blocking, then muting and ignoring.

@Annalee I tried soft-blocking but then I got an indignant "did something go wrong?". Person DMed me just now and I thought "there you'll have it" but they only wanted to show me a video of themself in drag. *relieved* May mute if I get irritated again.

@irina I recommend just block-blocking, then. Yes, he's done something wrong; no, it is not your job to explain it to him. If this isn't someone you know and see in other contexts, you can just block him and ignore him going forward.

@Annalee He's harmless but clueless. But I'll reconsider at the next irritation.

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