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Annalee @Annalee

My internal editor every time I think I've outlined this bleepin' novel.

@Annalee Pfft. You're outlining, it's not even the first draft! Tell that inner editor/critic to STFU, from me!

@maloki heh, my outlines are, essentially, first drafts--I make heavy use of outlining and stall out fast if I don't know where I'm going.

@Annalee IMO, the proper rebuttal to this is, "Your FACE is a third act!" 😜

@Annalee Three act structure is a critical tool used to deconstruct novels after publication.

If you have start-problem-reaction-problem-reaction.../...-change then that's a satisfying arc; you don't need to bind yourself to the strictures of Aristotelian form and the prescriptive theories that grew from it to have a "valid" book.