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Same thing we do every weekend, Pinky: drink tea and work on this outline.

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So I just learned that, evidently, there is a *market* for writers wanting to learn physics & astronomy??

That is like… a perfect gig for me?? I might not know *all the maths* but Stars below do I know me some good…

🌠 Orbital mechanics
🌠 Exoplanet anatomy
🌠 Stellar evolution basics
🌠 Basic biology & astrochemistry
🌠 Rocketry 101
🌠 Relatively wyrdness
🌠 Climatology
🌠 Probably lots more stuff! Just ask me! :eo_cat:

Basically, if you want to physics for writing, talk to me βœ¨πŸš€βœ¨

Me yesterday: Yaaaaasss this novel outline is finally ready to go!

Me this morning: This outline is terrible. Everything is terrible. Writing is the worst and I am the worst.

Time for the liberal application of tea.

Current status: still sick.

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I spent most of today at "I think I might be dying and I await the sweet embrace of death" levels of fever, and now I'm at the "in bed, awake, and bored" levels of fever, and I gotta be honest I'm not sure which is worse.

(Spoiler: "do I need to go to the ER" was worse).

I was SO productive today! I did a ton of writing! I got most of this novel draft written, and added all this rad shit that wasn't in my outline!

And then I woke, coughing, from my fever dream, with some vague notion that I'd decided to include sapient quokkas in my telepathic police procedural.

Which is not to say I plan to set aside writing to do the feminine-coded emotional and organizational labor I do. I suspect Le Guin would not be please to know that was the lesson a woman took from her life. But rather that I am noodling on the ways in which it is a false dichotomy, largely imposed by the patriarchy, to think that one detracts from the other, or that I should chase the approval of people who devalue community work.

I've been noodling lately on the tension I feel between being a writer and doing the sort of hufflepuffish community work I do for the SFF community.

Then today happened.

Le Guin was a person, and now she is a legend. And as I consider how best to honor her, I think of the future legends I have the honor to know and support through community work, and how that too is creating.

Why does this occur to me?

Oh, you know. No reason.


*nurses tea.*

It occurs to me that one of the great advantages of the Wandering Shop is that real cons are vectors for disease.

Hello and good morning! It is the last day of and I have most of a night's sleep in me, two panels today, and... should probably get out of bed and pack up.

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No lies detected.
At , @pablod says "I'm tired of stories of white men swinging their dicks across the screen." Aren't we all, Pablo

I'm at ConFusion in Detroit this weekend, drinking tea and having conversations and basically being in a meatspace version of the Shop. Today I'll be discussing pacifism in science fiction, talking about Star Wars as a case study in storytelling, and doing a reading. Come say hi!

Rare photo of me before and after I unleash my hair.

Not sure I see the resemblance but maybe it's just the lipstick.

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My (limited) experience with point and click adventure games in a nutshell
(img src:

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also from the fontforge manual, an unordered list of "ah yes, the n genders" jokes (tag urself I'm "semi-flourished")

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I used to think that I needed more happy people in my life to balance out my depression, but I've come to realize what I actually need are more KIND people. Not just kind to me. I need to see more people being good to each other. I think we all do.

I am now on vacation for five days!