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Hello fellow Masties. I've written and edited words for most of my career, initially as a journalist from 2009-2019 at The Verge, Popular Science, Vice, and other places.

Now I work in-house at Argo AI, an autonomous vehicle company in Pittsburgh, PA, and write for its digital publication on AI and robotics, Ground Truth.

He/him, Geriatric Millennial, horror/sci-fi fan. Follow me for stray thoughts.

This week is ParisP2P! I'm talking on Sat:

Architectural Collisions - Short Stories of Hard Problems Putting IPFS in Strange Places...

* Browsers
* Mobile
* Open source tools
* Operating systems
* IoT networks
* Space industry

I'm so tired today, I'm not exactly sure why. Probably because I had a stressful day yesterday.

I should be writing right now, but at the moment I just want to sip my tea and maybe go back to sleep.

i'm enjoying being on mastodon so far, but i would like to follow more writers and translators so please feel free to say hi!!

now i better get off social media and finish revising this short story i started at clarion west last year about a fantastical museum heist

I do not do NFTs and I am anti-NFT and anti-crypto. Combine the worst aspects of Ponzi schemes with money laundering up to the nation-state level, vast ecological trauma, extreme complexity, myriad traps for the naive, and a total lack of anonymity -- it's shit all the way down.

The best non-fungible art is a real-world piece of unique art. Which, you may not find surprising, I happen to sell!

If you like the #Fediverse and you love to read #books, take a look at BookWyrm!

Bookwyrm is a federated Goodreads alternative and federates through the #ActivityPub protocol.

yaaaaay plugins are working on the deck

(sorry about the awful quality and one handed filming)

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Just to share a recent post of mine talking about what I like in

I'm also interested in which is the Gemini equivalent of EPUBs. I wonder if people would enjoy stories in that format.

A sincere tip for longtime fediverse people who would like their friends to stick around here longer than a week:

If you're on Mastodon or Hometown, you can click the "bell" icon in the profile of someone you follow. This will make it so that every time they post, it will appear in your notifications like an "@". I am enabling this temporarily for friends so that I remember to interact with them. This is important for making this place feel more lively and helps people stick around!

@Curator #TootFic

The house in the barren plain reminded her of the Temple -- minus the flowers, of course.

Then it hit her: this was a sign.

She would settle here, find a way to grow plants for food and cook them and offer meals to travelers as they would pass by.

And they would leave, carrying the memory of the House, like a seed, and wherever they would settle, a new House would grow there too, offering its meals to new travelers, like so many new flowers.

If you are considering trying out #mastodon these days, let me recommend you some communities: (for academics) (for climate activists) (academics - Español)

For folks looking for a Mastodon instance to join, I recommend Wandering Shop. It has a code of conduct and aims to be a positive community for science fiction and fantasy fans.

I set myself up there years ago. Would love to see y'all hang there, too.

I recently posted a of The Library of The Dead by T. L. Huchu:

People here might appreciate this urban fantasy mix of Zimbabuean magic and Scottish pragmatism.

I’m realizing a lot of people really don’t know that there are so many viable social media options right now. Many believe Twitter is the best we can do.

Overcoming that belief is going to be the main challenge. Major social media platforms has damaged a lot of people’s hope that we can do better.

Now I’m activated.

oh hi! I'm new here. I'm a writer and developer from Brazil living in London.

I'm trying to find my people here. I'm a fan of SFF and been to my first two UK conventions recently.

I've been posting bookish stuff to my Youtube account:

Wandering Shop

The Wandering Shop is a Mastodon instance initially geared for the science fiction and fantasy community but open to anyone. We want our 'local' timeline to have the feel of a coffee shop at a good convention: tables full of friendly conversation on a wide variety of topics. We welcome everyone who wants to participate, so long as you're willing to abide by our code of conduct.