Having some great Sencha from Kyoho at Katsute100 today.

I am going through a very hard moment this year and one thing that has been helping me a lot is having these small tea breaks. Green tea has grown on me the last month, I’m favouring it when I want some more calm.

trans girl needs money for mh meds and doctor visit pls boost!! 

hey!! i need about $200 to cover my doctor's appointment, the uber there and back, and my prescriptions

i really need my medication if i have any hope of functioning and getting a job, it's really important and kinda urgent

any help is greatly appreciated!

paypal tgrehawi@gmail.com
cashapp $digitalcreature

Tips if you’d like to get into hiking, a thread

If you’d like to get into hiking, here are a few tips if you’ve never done so that’ll help keep you comfortable and safe!

1) Always tell someone where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone. Even if you’re hiking with a group this one is vital. It’s important if you get in a sticky situation for people to know that you’re missing, and they won’t know that unless they’re expecting you back.

2) Good boots. If you’re new to hiking, selecting boots can be daunting. There are two main considerations when selecting boots, lightness and durability. Every pair of boots on the market are some combination of these two factors. I highly recommend going with a more durable heavier boot to start out. Once they wear out, you can always replace them with a lighter boot, but for new hikers it’s more important to have a boot that won’t let you down than one which is ultralight. (Cont)

Spoiler free review of The Tea Master and The Detective. Sorry for the wind noise.

TL;DR: Go read this book. It is amazing.


Some thoughts on #blogging, #decentralization, and #retrocomputing


I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging recently. These are some thoughts on how decentralisation technologies and retro computers can play together to make a cooler blogosphere.

@lmorchard go to:


And choose "Accept Reprints" and any other option you want.

Submission Grinder is the work of God.

hey I just shared this on mastodon.coffee but thought you all would like it too: youtu.be/CfPuG7psncw my sister's new band Le Fauve

@lmorchard you can check The Submission Grinder for markets that don't care about first publishing rights... :D

@dmoonfire cool that you found something that is working for you.

I loved using Thunderbird for feed reading, but when I went full Apple I quit using it in favour of something that would run on Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

If you ever decide to go shopping for feedreaders, tag me. I know too many links for this kind of stuff and sharing them helps me feel better about the real state they occupy in my head.

@lmorchard that's so cool!

Are you looking towards publishing it on a magazine?

@dmoonfire yeah, that kinda screws it up, right?

Do you have a favourite way to read RSS at the moment? I'm asking because I could help suggesting stuff depending on what you're looking for, but I don't want to be forward and just flood you with unrequested recommendations.

@dmoonfire I wrote about it some years ago in


The only thing stopping you from doing it is because you're using multiple machines? Do you also have Thunderbirb on those machines as well?

On a train bound to Edinburgh. Cymera starts tomorrow, I’m so excited to meet everyone there. Can’t wait.

Anyone here on the fediverse will be enjoying as well?

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