Having some great Sencha from Kyoho at Katsute100 today.

I am going through a very hard moment this year and one thing that has been helping me a lot is having these small tea breaks. Green tea has grown on me the last month, I’m favouring it when I want some more calm.

Spoiler free review of The Tea Master and The Detective. Sorry for the wind noise.

TL;DR: Go read this book. It is amazing.


Enjoying the outdoor space at the Burton Library before going inside for the Burton Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention.

📚 : Stars and Bones by @garethlpowell:


A fantastic space opera that will appeal to fans of sentient ships, space horror, and fast pacing.

Also, one of the best explanations of FTL I've seen. One that makes sure that sentient ships still need humans.

Do you want to read an epic fantasy that feels quite different than your run-of-the-mill farm boy does epic shit stuff?

Check out my of The Ninth Rain by Jen Williams:


I recently posted a of The Library of The Dead by T. L. Huchu:


People here might appreciate this urban fantasy mix of Zimbabuean magic and Scottish pragmatism.

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