trans girl needs money for mh meds and doctor visit pls boost!! 

hey!! i need about $200 to cover my doctor's appointment, the uber there and back, and my prescriptions

i really need my medication if i have any hope of functioning and getting a job, it's really important and kinda urgent

any help is greatly appreciated!

cashapp $digitalcreature

Tips if you’d like to get into hiking, a thread

If you’d like to get into hiking, here are a few tips if you’ve never done so that’ll help keep you comfortable and safe!

1) Always tell someone where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone. Even if you’re hiking with a group this one is vital. It’s important if you get in a sticky situation for people to know that you’re missing, and they won’t know that unless they’re expecting you back.

2) Good boots. If you’re new to hiking, selecting boots can be daunting. There are two main considerations when selecting boots, lightness and durability. Every pair of boots on the market are some combination of these two factors. I highly recommend going with a more durable heavier boot to start out. Once they wear out, you can always replace them with a lighter boot, but for new hikers it’s more important to have a boot that won’t let you down than one which is ultralight. (Cont)

Spoiler free review of The Tea Master and The Detective. Sorry for the wind noise.

TL;DR: Go read this book. It is amazing.

Some thoughts on #blogging, #decentralization, and #retrocomputing

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging recently. These are some thoughts on how decentralisation technologies and retro computers can play together to make a cooler blogosphere.

hey I just shared this on but thought you all would like it too: my sister's new band Le Fauve

On a train bound to Edinburgh. Cymera starts tomorrow, I’m so excited to meet everyone there. Can’t wait.

Anyone here on the fediverse will be enjoying as well?

I have a piece of short fiction, a love story, featuring Sara & her dog titled RATMILK in the newest issue of beestung magazine.

You can read it at the following link:

#mastoart #writing #fiction

Hello, friends, another from another who was pointed to this instance by a Twitter pal. I'm new to Mastodon, so...probably doing it all wrong.

I'm Sharon, designer of science centers and children's museums, interactive media developer, writer, podcaster, and host of Boring Books for Bedtime--a sleep in which I read old, mostly nonfiction books, including science and not-so-science (Hollow Earth FTW!). Also gamer, artist, cosplayer, baker, and terrible dancer. Hi!

and question: I'm working on my first screenplay. I've started with StudioBinder, which is free and cloud based. Seems good so far, with intuitive formatting. I like the idea of the 'index card' style tools, but I'm not sure what's good. Any good free/open source software to recommend?

Re-doing a quick #introduction of myself for the new users.

** If you just joined, write a quick post and tag #introductions to get people to know you. **

I am Daniel Cid, #C, #lua and #php developer, #infosec and open source #foss guy. Currently working on CleanBrowsing and In the past was at GoDaddy, Sucuri and founded the OSSEC open source project.

Outside of work, #snowboarding and #bjj are my mind relaxing hobbies.

Welcome all to Mastodon.

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