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yesterday i learned that rick riordan is interested in mythological cultures outside of the greek stuff he does with percy jackson but rather than write stories about them himself he uses his "Rick Riordan Presents" publishing series to let people from those cultures write about their mythology while getting promoted by him, like with Roshani Chokshi's Aru Shah And The End Of Time

basically what i'm saying is that Rick Riordan is what JK Rowling wishes she could be (ie a good ally)

We've been joking about it for decades let's just go kill god already lmao

sitting in a fancy coffee shop just off campus. everyone here is wearing a beanie, or a button up flannel, or both. they really dont appreciate that i brought my own food

Actively avoiding the phrase "man bun" when discussing the fact that I'm putting the back of my hair up now

Hello, I'm a lesbian anarchist and a feminist librarian from Germany. Nearly every day I hold books in my hand, look at the names, and wonder whether the editors do recognize that they chose much more male people as contributors that female. I will never know. But I'm going to count the women.

Feel free to follow me and boost my posts.
And ask me anything you want to.

I hate that every single time i'm seeing a good toot that has an image in it, which i want to boost, the image has no description.

No matter if it's a random unknown person, or someone i trusted to be aware.

Add. alt. text. to. your. images.

Stuff you can put in your compost

Grass and plant trimmings
Kitchen scraps
Fall leaves
Past its prime produce
Coffee grounds & steeped tea
Veggies from making stock
Manure from vegetarian animals
Egg shells, ground
Paper scraps and cardboard, shredded
Cotton, canvas or burlap scraps
Wood shavings or sawdust (untreated lumber only)
Receipts, junk mail, newspapers
Corncobs, melon rinds, citrus peels, apple cores
Jack o lanterns
Beer, wine, coffee, tea
Latex items like balloons or condoms
Herbs & spices that lost their flavor
Pet bedding, feathers
Nut & seed shells
Wood ash & charred firewood
Hay and straw
Seaweed or algae
Lint from the dryer or vacuum

Leave out
Bones, meat
Dairy products
Fatty or greasy items
Items with lots of added salt

"Better late than never!" I say, walking in 3 and a half hours late to my shift

This post was brought to you buy someone who's fucking tired of watching all their white allo cis het dude friends constantly busy themselves with cool projects that they have time for because they Can Just Do That....

It's fucked up how abled people get to make the most of the world, huh? They have the energy for side projects, they have the spoons for networking, they have the emotional banwidth for juggling people and things. We're the ones with the ideas no one's heard of yet though.
Hella fucked.

@AlexAloi I make patches, collages, paintings, poetry cards, and other crafts. My commissions are open!


(Redraft to include my projects)

In a rich man's house there is no place to spit but his face.

selfie? very much ec, as there are only eyes visible in this pic Show more

does anyone remember that time in the mid-00's when everyone was wearing short sleeved shirts over long sleeved shirts

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