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...Yeah, still feeling guilty about this, even though the Irish people on the discord don't seem too pissed. 😖

Just had an embarrassing moment on Discord where I forgot that Dublin was not part of the UK. It's cool though, not like there were a bunch of wars fought over that specific thing or anything, right? 😅 Whoops.

Problem is no one else in the house is awake yet and I risk waking them up.

I appear to be awake. How unfortunate. Ah well - I'll find something to do.

Do y'all think I need to worry if the black cat I adopted woke me up with five piercing meows I've never heard it or any cat make at precisely midnight in the middle of the rug in my bedroom?

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Internet Nazis: I was bullied in middle school so clearly I had no choice but to become a Nazi :( :( :(
Every queer and PoC kid: uhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, about that

Cis lesbians, this year, we're doing the work that's needed to decenter cis narratives and agendas in the movement

Trust trans woman's stories and decisions. Support the incarcerated. Provide mutual aid to trans people.

Fiendishly resist white cis supremacy

From my own brief research Mint looks promising, but I'd like someone else's opinion.

Can someone recommend me a Linux distribution that's beginner friendly and can be used for games? I'm interested in not having to upgrade to Windows 10.

an advantage of labels is that they help people identify themselves, find resources and similar people for mutual support

a disadvantage of labels is that they can come to be elevated over the experience in question. questions like "am i trans?" or "am i gay?" are fundamentally flawed because the real questions should be internal, e.g.

1. what do I really want out of sex, love, gender, etc.?
2. how does my current life reflect these desires?
3. how can i make my current life reflect them more?

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