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I have yet to officially license it, but if I were to do it I think the moon symbols should be CC By or even public domain.


Hello there! I'm Mission Control, mod of lunarpunk.space, a write freely instance devoted to #SFF writing. I recently joined the co-op, but I only just made an account on here today. I'm a nonbinary ecosocialist and anarchist unicorn interested in #lunarpunk and #solarpunk and also saving the planet.

I've joined primarily to see what the rest of the community is like, since I've interacted with a number of you positively on my old account, @AlexAloi.

only 100 followers away from embarrassing myself irrevocably by showing off an old Minecraft lets play from 2012 to the world #GetStarwallTo1K

@starwall @CyclopsCaveman I totally used to bring batman figures and things onto the bus.


Not sure about @realtoddhoward . The kid who everyone thinks is funny, maybe? The only one who can dis on bullies without getting a wedgie?

@CyclopsCaveman @garfiald would be the kid whose always reading and always has something interesting to say, but is actually pretty funny besides.

if mastodon was a school bus, who would everyone be?

@CyclopsCaveman I would be the kid who brings their toys on the bus despite being too old to play with dolls.

Today's gender is Wonder Woman explaining the concept of bisexuality to Steve Trevor

me: I want to socialize and go out with people and have parties

simultaneously, also me: I hate the world and nearly everyone in it and I want to be left alone forever

Streamlabs OBS has premade graphics you can edit, as well as bots to post links. Not sure if open source, though.

You could always make a cool graphic to put up. Or commission one.

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I make pixel art, small videogames and educational stuff about asexuality, polyamory and relationship anarchy.
My projects can be found here:
And people can support me on Ko-fi:

he liked my gay bandanna. That was the desired effect

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