Robots becoming snetient, but instead of threatening to destroy humanity they threaten to unionize.

The Half-price Books near my house is hiring full-time. That wouldn't be a bad job, I think.

I need 🍵 . And I need to continue writing. Because I'm finally working on a project that feels big, and yet doable at the same time.

It will probably take me all of the rest of the year to finish. Maybe more. And I'm so excited to be working on it.

healthy and positive friendships that lead to personal emotional growth #thingsneverheardinthemancave

@Dayglochainsaw I want to fly out to wherever you asre an hug you. I really do. No one deserves to fell that way. Everyone should get a chance to feel a part of something.

There are real people here on Mastodon. Real people on the other side of the screen. and we care about you. I swear, we really, really do.

@Dayglochainsaw We are all people who actually exist (except the bots). and we do honeslty care for each other. I wouldn't know about my gender identity if it hadn't been for people on this site. Real, honest to goodness people.

distance can make that seem like we're not real, but we are. all of us. We are real people talking to each other, sharing our time. It's as real as any other relationship.

@Dayglochainsaw Hmmmm....nope. Call me weird, but some of my most precious friends I originally met online. Seriously, they have even sent me christmas cards and shit.

The thing is, there is a real person on the other side of the screen. Words and pictures are what they are sending, but that's communication. It's real.

It's no different than sending a letter, apart from the scope and ease of delivery.

*on tour with the killers*

here I am
on the road again
there I am
on the stage
here I go
playing star again
there I go
out of my cage
and i've been doing just fine

I'm excited. This is the first time i felt that I was writing a book without trying to force a novel. t just feels right for the project.

This does mean that I will not be making an wiki. Not myself, anyway. But i am going to see if I can publish under a creative commons license and let people make derivative works, and maybe include an appendix at the back of the book.

I was about four pages in to the mythology writing thing when I realized I was writing a book. Not a novel, not quite an anthology. Something in between.

@johnrandom I've used those in 5e! I took my players to the elemental plane of Fire. Fun times were had by all.


boost this toot and ill choose a monster from the 1st edition monster manual that i think exemplifies you

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the virgin mary vs the chad mary magdalene

me: asks for boosts jokingly

me: gets boosts from everyone, not understanding that the sarcasm wasn't obvious


@starwall I am interested to see what and eldritch flag would look like.

If you think there’s Something under your bed, you’re right. If you thought you heard a sound from the basement, you did.
It was me and I am ᵍᵒᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵍᵉᵗ ʸᵒᵘ

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