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Alex Aloi ✒️♠️ @AlexAloi

Hey Mastodon. It has come to my intention that some of you know things about computers. My computer's primary SSD crashed and I need to replace it. I've already picked out the SSD, but I'm going to need to pick out an OS.

My question: should I go Windows or Linux? I understand you can install Steam on both now without much difficulty. I was looking at Ubuntu and it doesn't seem too hard to comprehend. I have some experience with programming and console commands in case I get stuck.

@AlexAloi Ehhhhhhh I once went through all the trouble to set up my computer to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu... and then never used Ubuntu.

Scrivener's not on Ubuntu, though, and I need that.

@bridgebury So I've heard of scrivener, but wasn't sure what it was. Strange gap for a writer to have in their knowledge, I know. But now that I looked it up, that's another good reason to stick with windows.

Also, it looks way better than any Adobe product I've ever used. Can't believe I've never checked it out before.

@bridgebury Holy crap it's even way cheaper than any Adobe product! Why haven't I heard of this before?!

@bridgebury I meant microsoft. I was comparing it to office. Why'd I say Adobe?

@AlexAloi lol. Microsoft, Adobe, it's better than both. I absolutely love it.

@AlexAloi Despite Steam being supported by Linux, a lot of steam games still are not, if you have games that you own and will want to play, you should confirm that they will run on LInux before making a decision.

@q_aurelius OK, so most of my library is supported on Linux, with the major exceptions being Skyrim and Dragon Age: Inquisition, which were crashing on me anyway.

However, it has got me thinking about potential future purchases down the road. Not just games, but other things, too, like Adobe Acrobat, which I was thinking of picking up so I could make pdfs to sell on the DMS Guild.

With Windows being the OS that the majority of programs support, I think it wins out overall.

@AlexAloi I kind of hate Windows, but I run it on most of my computers for that reason.

Pretty much just my laptop runs Linux these days.

@AlexAloi I ❤️ Linux, but if you're using it for productivity and gaming, Windows wins out. I do really like Lubuntu on my laptop, but I only work on that machine, no games.

@ChrisWeston Productivity and gaming are my main concerns here. Thanks for the input!

@AlexAloi My days of flipping physical switches on cards and hunting the Net for drivers are long past me, so I’ve come to appreciate unfussy technology. I’m running three operating systems on my laptop ... because testing ... and by far, the one that seems most designed to annoy me is Windows. Ubuntu on the other hand, mostly stays out of my way and lets me get to the task at hand. Installing it was fairly painless; I just followed the instructions on their site. YMMV. Good luck.