Alright, fuck it let's do this. If you got a patreon, ko-fi, liberapay or whatever, reply with it and I will boost. Cannot promise donations, but I will use what reach I have to help if I can. Let's actually build that support network I was talking about earlier.

I encourage others to boost this status and all the posts that end up beneath it to get as wide a spread as possible.

Not sure if this will even work, but I feel like I should at least try.

@AlexAloi free exposure? I'll take it and boost at least three projects you boost!


I write choral music and put the scores online for free.

Publishers won't touch my work because I won't let them prohibit photocopying, so I crowdfund it instead:

@AlexAloi I make music and occasionally I write blog posts. My ko-fi page is here:

@AlexAloi - resuming activity soon(-ish), as there's a shitload of RPGs I've designed over the years but not yet finished writing draft rules of.

@AlexAloi I don't need mine to subsist on at the moment but I wouldn't mind getting more people looking at and enjoying my stuff. and for patreon and website, respectively.

@AlexAloi hello!

I am starting a poetry collection, and possibly sharing some of the progress on patreon.

Over all I am a jack-of-all-trades, which is hard when you try to make due.


I make open source software, specifically
* the game engine
* the extensions for Salt configuration management

@AlexAloi I create downloadable maps and tools for tabletop games!



Tabletop downloads:



I draw artsy erotica. Everything is free and uncensored here, but I use gumroad for the high resolution versions and as tip jar on a 1$ / pay what you want basis:

I make pixel art, small videogames and educational stuff about asexuality, polyamory and relationship anarchy.
My projects can be found here:
And people can support me on Ko-fi:

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