Alright, fuck it let's do this. If you got a patreon, ko-fi, liberapay or whatever, reply with it and I will boost. Cannot promise donations, but I will use what reach I have to help if I can. Let's actually build that support network I was talking about earlier.

I encourage others to boost this status and all the posts that end up beneath it to get as wide a spread as possible.

Not sure if this will even work, but I feel like I should at least try.

@AlexAloi free exposure? I'll take it and boost at least three projects you boost!


I write choral music and put the scores online for free.

Publishers won't touch my work because I won't let them prohibit photocopying, so I crowdfund it instead:

@AlexAloi I have a Patreon here:

And a paid newsletter with occasional free things where I blabber about #comics

@AlexAloi I make music and occasionally I write blog posts. My ko-fi page is here:

@AlexAloi - resuming activity soon(-ish), as there's a shitload of RPGs I've designed over the years but not yet finished writing draft rules of.

@AlexAloi I don't need mine to subsist on at the moment but I wouldn't mind getting more people looking at and enjoying my stuff. and for patreon and website, respectively.

@AlexAloi hello!

I am starting a poetry collection, and possibly sharing some of the progress on patreon.

Over all I am a jack-of-all-trades, which is hard when you try to make due.

@AlexAloi I'm a disabled person trying to go back to work, which is very difficult and can have unexpected expenses. Any assistance on that front would be helpful.

I'm also starting to write again and would, of course love to be to be able to support myself off of that, though any support at all is a major confidence boost.


I make open source software, specifically
* the game engine
* the extensions for Salt configuration management

@AlexAloi I create downloadable maps and tools for tabletop games!



Tabletop downloads:



I'm unemployed and have Multiple Sclerosis among other chronic diseases.
I'm currently asking for help with physiotherapy and meds.

I'm also going to use my ko-fi as a kind of patreon and publish my poems and photos in there soon!

Thank you! :blobaww:



I draw artsy erotica. Everything is free and uncensored here, but I use gumroad for the high resolution versions and as tip jar on a 1$ / pay what you want basis:

@AlexAloi I gladly accept donations for my web resources on the ancient world, material culture, and the occasional cat and/or dragon

@AlexAloi I make patches, collages, paintings, poetry cards, and other crafts. My commissions are open!


(Redraft to include my projects)

I make pixel art, small videogames and educational stuff about asexuality, polyamory and relationship anarchy.
My projects can be found here:
And people can support me on Ko-fi:

@AlexAloi @SwooshyCueb I am kode54, I made a lot of random plugins for the foobar2000 audio player, and all open source, and spread the love to macOS and Linux with the Cog audio player, Audacious, and DeaDBeeF plugins, source for which live either on my Bitbucket or Github accounts.

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