@AlexAloi @starwall @Wewereseeds@sunbeam.city Nice, I may have to contact @Wewereseeds@sunbeam.city to use it.

@Efi @starwall @Wewereseeds@sunbeam.city The darker (in aesthetic not tone) counterpart to solarpunk; eco-socialism, technology and the environment in harmony, but with a nocturnal twist.

@AlexAloi that tells me nothing; I know what solarpunk is, but I don't see what dark side it -could- have

@Efi It's less about dark side, but about the aesthetic. Growing mushrooms for sustenance, being active at night, trains running all night, bioluminescence, going into space and building self-sustaining colonies.

Solarpunk leans heavily to a bright, yellow and green pallet, to large neo-victorian buildings in bright, sunny squares. Lunarpunk is mostly that, but at night.

It's like a flavor of solarpunk rather than a separate movement.

@AlexAloi @starwall @Wewereseeds yeaah... went ahead and set this to my profile header. I love it. :heart_trans:

@ALWETP @starwall @Wewereseeds@sunbeam.city It's my header now as well. :) Thank you!

@DialMforMara @starwall @Wewereseeds@sunbeam.city The darker (in aesthetic not tone) cousin of solarpunk. They share a focus on eco-utopianism and technology and the environment being in harmony, but lunarpunkadds a nocturnal twist: trains running all night, building ecologically sustainable cities in space, growing mushrooms for sustenance, and an appreciation for nocturnal mammals such as bats. 🦇

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