@Wewereseeds In my world view. if you create something. Even if you don't claim to own it, It's only right your asked for that creation to be used. If you don't want it used, I'm cool with that. (After this necropunk novel, I'm planning a lunarpunk one.)

@mikeofmany @Wewereseeds OK, sure, but when was the last time you asked for permission from the creator to use a flag for gender or sexuality? Same concept applies here: if you are part of the movement, use the flag!

@AlexAloi @Wewereseeds Indeed, my last purposeful LGBTQ+ novel I didn't put a flag on, in part cause I couldn't find someone to ask, and non of them are technically released as CC that I could find.

@mikeofmany @AlexAloi that's....an interesting way to interact with sharing culture..... But ok u do u live ur best life

@mikeofmany eeehhhhh that's.... Cool.....
I get, like, owning art and shit. Like, I own art I've created, because I need to find sustenance from it.....
But this is literally just a flag? Based off other flags? About anarchy? It's nbd, and I've made that clear from day 1

@Wewereseeds Hey, if it's no big deal, sorry I didn't see that and happy to drop it and call it and you awesome.

@Efi @starwall @Wewereseeds The darker (in aesthetic not tone) counterpart to solarpunk; eco-socialism, technology and the environment in harmony, but with a nocturnal twist.

@AlexAloi that tells me nothing; I know what solarpunk is, but I don't see what dark side it -could- have

@Efi It's less about dark side, but about the aesthetic. Growing mushrooms for sustenance, being active at night, trains running all night, bioluminescence, going into space and building self-sustaining colonies.

Solarpunk leans heavily to a bright, yellow and green pallet, to large neo-victorian buildings in bright, sunny squares. Lunarpunk is mostly that, but at night.

It's like a flavor of solarpunk rather than a separate movement.

@AlexAloi @starwall @Wewereseeds yeaah... went ahead and set this to my profile header. I love it. :heart_trans:

@DialMforMara @starwall @Wewereseeds The darker (in aesthetic not tone) cousin of solarpunk. They share a focus on eco-utopianism and technology and the environment being in harmony, but lunarpunkadds a nocturnal twist: trains running all night, building ecologically sustainable cities in space, growing mushrooms for sustenance, and an appreciation for nocturnal mammals such as bats. 🦇

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