While I'm doing gamer discussion on main, I am kind of sick of fantastic racism in games. It feels played out.

I say this now specifically because it's part of the story of the Red Prince in Divinity Original sin 2, who would otherwise be my favorite character. Red lizard prince-turned-pariah? Yes please. Lizard supremacist asshole? Not so much.

Luckily if you play as hom, you can subvert that charecterization and have him sort of turn over a new leaf, which makes sense for his story.

This is to say nothing of the problematic aspects of fantastic racism, such as implying race = species (ugh).

I have only seen one fantasy novel subvert that: The Goblin Emperor, by Kathleen Addison. In it, elves and Goblins are essentially different ethnicities of the same species and can reproduce with viable offspring. Goblins tend to be larger and stronger but not always, and elven and goblin royalty intermarry.

(Being white, I could also not know what the he'll I'm talking about so feel free to tell me I need to shut up or whatever.)

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