Just had an embarrassing moment on Discord where I forgot that Dublin was not part of the UK. It's cool though, not like there were a bunch of wars fought over that specific thing or anything, right? 😅 Whoops.

...Yeah, still feeling guilty about this, even though the Irish people on the discord don't seem too pissed. 😖

Just sounds funny to me 🤣 Easy mistake to make though, since roughly a third of the country is still under UK control (and due to the number of absurdly vocal UK nationalists living there, I can't see that changing).

What Discord was this anyway? I don't remember this happening 🤣

Oh, I don't think I know who that is. Was there that many Irish people on that one Discord?

More than one? Can't say for sure.

You have to subscribe to her Patron or subscribe to her Twitch channel to get on.

She's an artist and actual play D&D personality.

I always find things funny. I wish I was on that Discord though, taking the mick of that would be hilarious to me X'D

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