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I think the hardest part of writing for me is not getting caught up in the future. I need to be able to look past the what ifs and will I's (i.e. what if no one likes i, will I be able to get it published, etc. ) and concentrate on the now, the writing.

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I think I'm gonna make an instagram account where I post pictures and write stories about pictures.

Apparently this is a thing some people do on instagram. I'ts called "instafiction," and it sounds interesting.

Hey shop. I'm in need of some financial assistance, so I've added a donation incentive to my Ko-Fi page. Every fifty dollars unlocks a new , which I wioll post to my Ko-Fi page and nowhere else!

Many thanks to all the folks who have stepped forward to help me keep the lights on (literally), I am overwhelmed by the response. Contributions both big and small have added up and I'm only about $20 short right now.

If you want to help out and make a one time contribution:

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I have a non-binary friend who was talking to me about how they were kind of burnt out by the non-binary facebook (support and discussion) groups they are part of, and just get stressed out when they check them (facebook arguments and such). I am thinking mastodon might be nice to suggest to them but I want to suggest an actual, specific instance. Any suggestions?

Brain: hi
Me: ...hi
Brain: so here's a cool story idea
Me: stop, I need to finish this other thing
Brain: behold, an itemized list of all the ways it would be so effing cool

We Klingons know exactly what to do when someone changes their name and/or pronouns.


I didn't make it but I had to share it here.

And he's faved another tweet I made at him earlier. Wut. O_O

I've replied to him, and he's replied back. This happened a couple of times now. It's an honest to god conversation.

Wtf is going on

Shop, Neil Gaiman replied to me on Twitter and I'm super geeking out rn. Can't talk about it on Twitter because I kinda want to seem cool about it, like it'it's No Big Deal but HOLY CRAP AHHHHHHH!!!

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rant, bad science, possible racism Show more

if your activism ignores the ways disability communities value the prospect of mobility aids,
and you tell them that they should just get more help from strangers instead........
you're ableist. sorry
"just get help from someone" is THE most commonly trotted out "solution" abled people think of, for everything
it's not fucking helpful
a lot of times it's at least a privacy invasion
"look just give up on being independent, idk why this is so hard for you??????" is NOT a solution


"Only hashtags are searchable" is a lie though. Only hashtags are searchable BY SEARCH ENGINES THAT FOLLOW THE RULES.

We *JUST* had a client that was archiving every toot and letting people full-text search them. It isn't hard. People are going to toot things thinking it is safe, and it will come back to bite them.

The only problem with everything bagels is that they turn into everywhere bagels

So I swear I just watched two commercials at once on a YouTube video. One was for the next Avengers movie, and the other was a Geico commercial in which the gecko parodies the Avengers trailer.

Capitalism is weird, y'all.