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Alex Aloi ✒️♠️

Hey if you're getting followed by some random furry that may or may not be a new account of mine. Just FYI.

your descriptions never have to be perfect and describe every small details.

describe it as if you’re telling your friend about a new image you saw and asking if they saw it. “hey did you see that picture of the small yellow dog being tossed into the deep snow?”

your alt text could just be [a small yellow dog being tossed into deep snow]

just do your best!!

me: you see, object oriented programming revolves around classes
karl marx: hmmm

If you see me irl, no you didn't. It's an imposter. Torture it until it tells you what it wants. Do not listen to its cries for mercy.

It's 4:30 am. My Dad gets up for work in a couple hours.

Think I may be pulling an all-nighter.

The fediverse is 90% randos whom I've never met, but it's still more positive than birdsite.

Not that I'll quit birdsite (already tried. Didn't take.) know. Thanks for being cool, fediverse. <3

Weirdly, I'm not stressed by the election results. I've accepted them and moved on, determined to continue the good fight.

It's my previous admission that is keeping me up.

Whoever made the Rowlett bot, I love you. It just hugged my leg and that helped a little. <3

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...nope. Can't sleep. Too terrified, now.

God, why is this stressing me out more than when I came out as ace?

OK now that I've gotten that off my chest I'm gonna try to sleep and hope someone replies to my last toot because good god that was hard to admit. I don't know why - just was.

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The one thing everyone in ohio has in common is that we all fucking hate being in ohio

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🐓 🔹 👭 🐂 🐝

Can I please have another season of Aggretsuko? Pleeeeease?

#Games #Unionize #labour

Game developers NEED to unionize. We don’t have to wait for homophobic Halo players to pause their slur laden power fantasies and support us. We create the aesthetic, model the characters & environments, write the narratives, & program the tools. We have a right to healthcare, maternity/paternity leave, middle class wages tied to inflation, time off for friends/family/personal betterment, & the right to a safe work environment devoid of racial & sexual harassment.