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soft reminder to not pester people on twitter because they don't/can't just uproot their support networks or fan followings to come here

it's not as simple as hoping they will follow you over.

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You have been visited by the Old Wizard Cat of good fortune. Boost this Toot to bless a stranger.

So a week ago I told y’all I was making a #shirt—well, it arrived! If you, too, reject societal #masculinity norms maybe you’d like one too? If so, you can get one at Let me know if you do and send a picture if you’re comfortable and let me know if I can boost it! #selfie

Well, I deactivated my birdsite account for deactiday. Gonna probably use this site more. See how that goes.

Installing the free trial of Scrivener now. Let's se if it lives up to the hype. Let's also see if it works for DMs Guild PDFs.

I'm gonna try this whole streaming writing thing again at 8:30 PM EST on if anyone wants to drop in.

I may have screwed up my sleep schedule to do it, but I now have a border around my webcam for the writing stream.

Here's one of the things I wrote for that stream I mentioned earlier: a backstory for a character.

Information about the stream is in the author's note at the bottom of the page.

So, I tried an experiment today I streamed myself writing on Twitch. Even made an overlay.

As far as a motivational tool, I actually found it helped. I got more done today than I have all week. I think I might try again Sunday night.

I doubt this will give me affiliate status, and I doubt I could do it for longer projects, but somehow, it worked.

If you're interested in watching, my twitch channel is

There are many ways to resist: phone calls, marching, donations.

Please also consider actions that make someone else’s life better, with no benefit to yourself. Spit in the eye of “I got mine” culture.

Anyway today my act of resistance was donating blood.

For those of you who like , I'm writing articles for Here's one I wrote about roleplaying and eladrin using fairy lore as inspiration.

Hey Shop. Here's a massive update on what I've been doing. Sorry for being out of the loop for so long.

I think the hardest part of writing for me is not getting caught up in the future. I need to be able to look past the what ifs and will I's (i.e. what if no one likes i, will I be able to get it published, etc. ) and concentrate on the now, the writing.

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I think I'm gonna make an instagram account where I post pictures and write stories about pictures.

Apparently this is a thing some people do on instagram. I'ts called "instafiction," and it sounds interesting.

Hey shop. I'm in need of some financial assistance, so I've added a donation incentive to my Ko-Fi page. Every fifty dollars unlocks a new , which I wioll post to my Ko-Fi page and nowhere else!

Many thanks to all the folks who have stepped forward to help me keep the lights on (literally), I am overwhelmed by the response. Contributions both big and small have added up and I'm only about $20 short right now.

If you want to help out and make a one time contribution:

Or you can buy any of the eBooks via my Gumroad page:

If you feel like supporting my trickle income, please check out my Patreon: