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Ok, I know I've gone really hard into the unicorn thing but listen: imagine headbanging with a mane. How fucking metal is that?

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With this new avi, I have achieved my dream of becoming an ecosocialist unicorn!

(Also of being gay and doing crimes cause I'm totally infringing copyright lol)

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It's finally here! is live. Currently an open instance, but please read the rules before joining.

This is a instance devoted to and other genres of fiction.

There is also a public feed for anyone who wants to see what kind of stuff is being written:

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Name: Alex Aloi
Alter-Egos: The Scrawler in the Darkness, @MontyVerdan

Hi everyone! I am a nonbinary and asexual of , , and . I like to play , especially and . My pronouns are they/them.

I am also the mortal incarnation of The Scrawler in the Darkness, a being that writes grim fates for those who step outside of reality. This piece of art by @artisticfennec is the only extant representation of this eldritch far.


Hello there! I'm Mission Control, mod of, a write freely instance devoted to #SFF writing. I recently joined the co-op, but I only just made an account on here today. I'm a nonbinary ecosocialist and anarchist unicorn interested in #lunarpunk and #solarpunk and also saving the planet.

I've joined primarily to see what the rest of the community is like, since I've interacted with a number of you positively on my old account, @AlexAloi.

only 100 followers away from embarrassing myself irrevocably by showing off an old Minecraft lets play from 2012 to the world #GetStarwallTo1K

if mastodon was a school bus, who would everyone be?

Today's gender is Wonder Woman explaining the concept of bisexuality to Steve Trevor

me: I want to socialize and go out with people and have parties

simultaneously, also me: I hate the world and nearly everyone in it and I want to be left alone forever

work (~) 

The doctor in question being my psychologist.

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work (~) 

Screwed up my schedule and came in an hour late by mistake. No one seemed pissed, though - since I called off yesterday to go to "the doctor," they thought I was sick.

I make pixel art, small videogames and educational stuff about asexuality, polyamory and relationship anarchy.
My projects can be found here:
And people can support me on Ko-fi:

he liked my gay bandanna. That was the desired effect

The kobold revolution will not be televised.

Seriously, a TV antenna won't pick up anything down here and the cable company won't help either.


So like I'm always looking for excuses to bring out this page ... but it feels extra appropriate here.

I will never post the most awkward picture of myself that I have because it is extremely awkward and I don't want to get roasted. thank you

Apparently a lot of the best children's books have been written by gay authors, who worked acceptance and openness into the message.

That is super cool and I wonder if it has to do with how much more open this generation is then previous ones?

3 bodies, 3 genders, 1 soul

Actively avoiding the phrase "man bun" when discussing the fact that I'm putting the back of my hair up now

Hello, I'm a lesbian anarchist and a feminist librarian from Germany. Nearly every day I hold books in my hand, look at the names, and wonder whether the editors do recognize that they chose much more male people as contributors that female. I will never know. But I'm going to count the women.

Feel free to follow me and boost my posts.
And ask me anything you want to.

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