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I've had this account for a while, but since I'm repurposing it and will actually use it, an seems in order!

I'm Robbie (, and I like and stories. Brandon Sanderson is my current favorite author, and I'm always trying to find new stories to enjoy. I mostly read via audiobook or text-to-speech, so if I misspell a character or place name, that's what I'll blame it on. This account will mainly be for and -related posts. はじめまして!

My secret projects is complete enough to share! I present Feather Wiki, a tiny, self-contained #wiki app that exports into a single HTML file:

Think TiddlyWiki but as small as possible!

#announcement #FeatherWiki


blue sky, you highest vaulted arch,
not often enough do we meet -
i am hemmed in always by flat ceilings
and long for the wash of your sun
promised through the windows
until after it has set, and the moon,
saint of the unknown, greets me
with its entourage of little stars
and blesses me to try again tomorrow.

I can't seem to view any federated hashtags from (or any other Mastodon instance I'm on), even though search results say there is activity on it... anyone know how to fix that? Or is it just a matter of waiting til it federates to my instance?

The "chosen one" is a fabricated concept made up by the jaded followers of a dead god to try to stay relevant. Then the real chosen one shows up.

I'd be surprised if this was actually a new hashtag. If one/some already exist, I'd love to be informed of what they are!

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I propose a new hashtag:

Elements that might be interesting for a story that are even less than half-baked—they're merely ingredients that could potentially lead to an interesting story. Not all will go together, but several can be combined to make something tasty.

For example:
"The universe is made up of only matter and Luck. Magic or electricity is just Luck contained and manifested in different ways. Even life itself is the result of Luck being wrought on inert stuff in space."

I should note that I'm specifically calling attention to the "fuck" thing because I have encountered several pieces of media where "fuck" would be more appropriate than what was used instead, i.e. Moon knight can only say "shit" because it's Marvel even though several situations would have sounded much more natural with "fuck" instead.

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I just started NPCs by Drew Hayes today, and I'm loving it so far! A tabletop RPG troupe of players dies at a tavern, and a group of 4 non-player characters take up the mantle of different adventurer classes in a delightful way that made the TTRPG player in me very happy. I'm excited to see where it goes!

Also, the author lets the characters say "fuck" in appropriate situations! That's always a nice touch that makes characters feel more real. ☺️

I've been listening to the Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson, and sometimes I feel like the whole idea was extrapolated from exactly 2 thoughts he had:

1. What if superheroes were evil
2. "slaunce" would be a great slang word for "idiot"

The bard finished her tune, all sweat and trembles, as the dragon judged her.

"That was it?"

"Yes," she squeaked.

"Hm. Well, it was a new song. Take your gold and go. Return in another month with another song."

The bard hurried out, almost tripping over a painter, whose warm-up sketches, of what she assumed were some kind of winged fire-breathing cow, were full of passion and fear.

"You're improving," she assured.

He nodded, "Or else."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

What is your *mom's* or your *non-techie* sibling/spouse's favorite/least frustrating text editor(s) to use on the internet? I want to get a better sense of what "normal" people prefer.

For example: non-formatted plain text like on old forums (including or excluding BBScript), barebones text fields like Facebook/other social media, particular WYSIWYG editors, Medium's text editor (i.e. highlight to format), something more or less like MS Word?

Don't you dare say Markdown/AsciiDoc/LaTeX or else I'll know you're either lying or didn't read the question 😉

#boost #poll #textEditors #help

friends and i organized a project called April Cools, where instead of doing pranks we did projects we'd usually never do. i translated poems from one of my favorite poets, akiko yosano

I want the Sanderson Kickstarter but $60 for the audiobook set is more than I'm willing to pay 😭

Lord of the Rings is.......

Really boring 😬😭

I don't like or care about Frodo or Gollum. I only like the other hobbits and Gimli. It's an *interesting* series but I can't take it anymore! I'm just gonna watch the movies again

How do you view "luck"?


Options roughly explained:

Attribute: a percent (or similar) value that applies to things you do or that happen to you that can (or cannot) be altered depending on things you do/carry/surround yourself with and may (or may not) affect the #luck of others around you

Limited Supply: you're born with a specific amount of luck/number of times you can get #lucky in life, and you cannot get more unless someone gives you some of theirs (if possible)

Bank: you're born with a specific amount of luck/number of times you can get lucky in life (including none), and things you do/carry/surround yourself with in life can alter that balance

None: luck isn't real and I like neither having fun nor thinking about things in any way that's not strictly "logical" or scientifically provable

The guide book also uses old card art
from their initial Kickstarter release, with
different border colors instead of the
uniform black = major arcana, blue :
bottles, red = swords, green = sticks,
purple = rupees borders in the current
version. Plus the guide books is encrypted or something so text-to-speech simply doesn't work, which is generally bad and easy to fix...

Anyway, I love it all and wanted to share
everything about it! 💖

Hope you can support the artists too!


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One thing to note: the interpretation guide
is sold *separately* as a digital item and is not even available physically:

It helps b/c the Swords and Wands suits are swapped! Swords in this deck = wands in standard tarot and Sticks = swords in standard. As long as you keep this in mind, you can use any interpretation guide if you want to.

I'm considering re-creating the
guide for them because there's a
typo that mislabels this quirk!


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I also got a matching tarot cloth made of
black silk with gold print (shown last
post). At the time I didn't know there were 3 cloth options available, one for each part of the triforce! Power is black, wisdom is purple, and courage is green,
each with a different feel of silk.

I'm glad I got black though—the material feel sounds nicest and the black goes best with the green card back of the deck itself


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I got this wonderful Legend of Zelda-themed tarot deck recently, and I'm super happy with it! The art is beautiful, the character choices are nicely thought-out for each card, and the characters themselves are from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask 💖

There's an extra card in the Major Arcana called the Happy Squirrel, and it's the only card really out of place depicting Midna from Twilight Princess, but overall it's absolutely lovely.

My favorite art is the Tower!


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