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Doing again?

I'm an author. I write fiction of (and for) all sorts but particularly , , (of the soft variety) and a touch of .

I'm currently going through a difficult time and appreciate support in any form. Please excuse the periodic promo toots as I genuinely need the money.

I also am always interested in and .

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Hey, folks. Did you know you can purchase my self-published novelettes and novellas directly from me? You get great speculative fiction, I get paid immediately. Everybody wins! (But especially you because stories.) [This is also the only place you can find my self-published material for Kindle because I don't sell through Amazon for... reasons.]


Wednesday I went to a cooking class themed around "street food". One of the dishes was pancit, but they produced a very untasty version. (It had chicken that was just poorly prepared - dry and flavorless.) So I decided I would try and make some on my own.

I don't know if what I made yesterday tastes authentic, but it did taste good so that's a plus. I think I will add it into my meal rotation.


Made some esquites yesterday. Was going to do burritos, but my homemade refried beans were just... not quite right. So I made this "papadilla" where I use hashbrowns instead of a tortilla for a quesadilla style meal. But with potato, obviously. (This is, btw, a good way to do a gluten free option for Latino flavors.) You can check the image descriptions for more details about each one.

#health #food #mental health 2/2 

I also had a strawberry and lemon mini-cake for dessert.

Today I plan to decompress with some grocery shopping, cooking, and streaming a new game on Twitch.

The anxiety settled quite a bit after my appointments yesterday, maybe because I was just relieved to have them over with. But I'm trying to keep most of the adulting at bay for another day so I can really unwind and process everything.

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#health #food #mental health 1/2 

Yesterday I did a lot of adulting. Two appointments with specialists (GYN and GI) to address some ongoing issues. Both resulted in a lot of information coming my way very rapidly, plus multiple tests/procedures to be scheduled. I am relieved that my concerns are being taken seriously, but also... more appointments doesn't make me happy.

It was also my 14th wedding anniversary. I celebrated not living with my abuser anymore by eating steak and tatertots.


Experimented with some new comfort food tonight. Basically a breakfast quesadilla with hashbrowns on the outside instead of a tortilla. (The middle is Monterey jack cheese, egg, steak, and onion.) Worked out really well and it's super-tasty. I'll probably try it again without the egg to see if the cheese will hold the potato together sufficiently.


Today I'm tackling some housework with Kiddo (laundry, unpacking a few more boxes). Also getting started on the stack of paperwork for our housing subsidy review.

Planning to cook this afternoon, since I was too tired yesterday.

Organizing, food 

This morning I decided to reorganize the living room which meant a lot of picking up stray objects, sorting out papers, and - of course - moving a few pieces of furniture. But things are neater now. I also put new flowers on my altar, made a ridiculous mini-cake, and a spicy stir-fry for dinner. All in all, it was a productive day focused on my needs, which I needed after this past week. Tomorrow I plan to cook and rest a little more.


Yesterday was much more stressful than I anticipated. (The least stressful bit was actually the dental appointment itself which... says a lot.)

Today I have to pick up some things from the store, and make a phone call to confirm that a particular piece of paperwork has been received. Then it'll be time to unwind for the weekend. I plan to do some , and for a bit on Twitch. Maybe a little over the weekend.

Morning, shop. I have a major piece of adulting to tackle today. And Kiddo opted to stay home from school, so he'll be working on some things around the apartment for most of the morning. (We moved back in October - the second time in four months - and still have boxes that need to be unpacked and sorted through.)

#Food #Cooking 

I made Baked Gnocchi for dinner last night. Since I didn't have ricotta I subbed in sour cream with garlic salt, parmesan, and a couple tablespoons of heavy cream mixed in. It was pretty good, but next time I will opt to not par-cook the gnocchi before it goes in the oven. I'll also try ricotta or cottage cheese next time. Although the sour cream mix was good, it did make the whole dish a little more tart than I am used to with a tomato/cheese dish.

Since it's been a while since I was here last...

I write SF/F/H, draw when I am bored, and play puzzle and farm style games. I talk about food, writing, surviving abuse, and being a single parent. But mostly food because I do love to cook.

Oof. Only been a little over a year since I last said anything over here. (TBH I only recently started getting back into any of my social media stuff.) So, hi. I am still here.

Selfies, eye contact 

I'm still here. This month has been particularly rough but hoping things are starting to turn for more positive.

Selfies, eye contact 

When the mood is: witch, wanna devour someone, watching Netflix on the couch instead. Also: yesterday's queer masc mood.

*peers around*
*sips soda*

Morning, shop. Been a while.

Breathless and crawling with anxiety this morning. Need to make a trip to my doctor's office and trying to figure out if I have enough money for gasoline. $3 seems like not enough. (It's also raining so I'm worried about my belt slipping off again and leaving me stuck.)

Ugh. On day 3 of a mysterious fever. (No other symptoms so it could be stress or related to my janky teeth [some of those getting pulled on Tuesday], but neighbor and kids upstairs also have the flu.) I'm also staring down my bills again so here are the links:

I need about $230 for February and currently have about $45. So... Little bits do help.

Still in desperate need of money for cat food and gasoline. If you can help:

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