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Do you enjoy my books? Want to read more? Check out my for a way to provide trickle support that keeps me writing.

Get four chapters of a every month, plus access to , short stories and more!

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Doing again?

I'm an author. I write fiction of (and for) all sorts but particularly , , (of the soft variety) and a touch of .

I'm currently going through a difficult time and appreciate support in any form. Please excuse the periodic promo toots as I genuinely need the money.

I also am always interested in and .

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Hey, folks. Did you know you can purchase my self-published novelettes and novellas directly from me? You get great speculative fiction, I get paid immediately. Everybody wins! (But especially you because stories.) [This is also the only place you can find my self-published material for Kindle because I don't sell through Amazon for... reasons.]

Hey, folks. I'm still in a bind regarding housing. I think I have permanent housing lined up starting the 28th, but I still have one more week in the motel I have to pay for. ($305 for the 21st - 28th.) If anyone can help, even a little bit, I would be most grateful.

(In addition to stressing about housing I'm fighting some viral thing that has me wrecked right now.)

If folks are not familiar with my situation: I'm a domestic abuse survivor and have been hiding, with my ten year old son, from my abusive, violent, and unstable soon-to-be-ex husband. I had housing and employment at the beginning of the year, but STBX made both unsafe and we have been in 8 different houses and 2 motels over the past 3 months. Every little bit helps keep us safe while I navigate the court system for more permanent solutions.

Housing need is dire. Unfortunately a more permanent option has not made itself available and the housesitting ends today around lunch. If folks can spare a few dollars to help me pay to an extended stay room for another couple of weeks I would appreciate it.

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Thanks to the support of friends here and in my flesh-space I having housing until the end of the month. Y'all are the best.

So I need to raise $550 to cover housing until the 24th. And $125 of that I need by tomorrow evening.

So, if you want a portrait of yourself in kawai kaiju form I am taking commissions until I raise the needed funds. Pricing is $25 for a small one (about 8x5) and $40 for a large one (11x14). Ink and colored pencil on Bristol board.

Samples of tiny sketches below done for a friend named Angel. (These are each 2-3 inches tall.) Please message me if interested.

"Carpenter's prose snarls off the page... Powerful and poignant, this violent tale of retribution and hard choices will resonate with fans of dark space operas and sparse western landscapes."

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This is out on Tuesday. If you like sweary, violent, space Western goodness with a murdery, no-fucks, feminist protagonist, this is probably your jam. Includes not just one, but two scenes with Nazis getting their asses killed. So, please. Buy a copy, tell your friends, and help me pay my bills.

Two different offers of housing have fallen through in the past 36 hours. I have a convention this weekend and a small sliver of hope for making some money there, but no good place to stay in the meantime.

If folks want to help pay for an extended stay room for the next week:

*sigh* Current housing is over on Thursday. If I can raise about $340 between now and then I can rent a hotel room for a week until we can get our next housestay worked out. Otherwise may be sleeping in the back of the van for a few days.

Rough day in court. Husbad's attorney wants a psych evaluation. Husbad wants a new attorney.

In the meantime I need to find new housing by the end of next week. Yay, adulting.

Noodling some art things this afternoon. My pen sucks and my leaded eraser is very old and kind of sticky so these are kind of rough in every regard. But it's fun to just fill in the page.

Hello, shop.

*sips root beer*

Things are... rough, but I continue to hang on. Housing and work remain unresolved and court is increasingly difficult.

Just taking it one day at a time right now.

Well. Monkey and I are still safe but getting ready to move into our fifth housing situation since January.

I'm having to give my cats to a friend for a while. Looking for work, prepping for court on Monday, and trying to get my stuff moved into storage.

Happy Friday, egh?

Hey, folks.

So, I am currently unemployed (again) and in the middle of a second emergency move since the beginning of the year. I'm also broke and still dealing with my violent, stalkery soon-to-be ex husband.

If anyone can help me out with storage and transportation expenses I would be forever grateful.

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Welp. Tigger's foot is still healing. She's still doing well, but keeping a close eye on things because burns are nasty business.

A friend helped me move some stuff to storage as I attempt to make room/clean up at the house. One week to make the second move in six weeks.

Trying to figure out the utility situation as Husbad has decided not to pay the bills.

Making cheap nachos for dinner and taking a long nap because it's hard to breathe right now.

Oof. It's been a week.

First counseling appointment. Then one of the ninja babies gave me quite a scare by sticking on of her feet in a pot of boiling water which required taking time off work for so I could take her to the vet. [She's much better this morning but I was super-stressed about it because her whole leg was swollen and had evidence of burns.]

Going to try and move some stuff this weekend. And nap.

Be kind to yourselves, folks, even if no one else is.

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