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Do you enjoy my books? Want to read more? Check out my for a way to provide trickle support that keeps me writing.

Get four chapters of a every month, plus access to , short stories and more!

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Doing again?

I'm an author. I write fiction of (and for) all sorts but particularly , , (of the soft variety) and a touch of .

I'm currently going through a difficult time and appreciate support in any form. Please excuse the periodic promo toots as I genuinely need the money.

I also am always interested in and .

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Hey, folks. Did you know you can purchase my self-published novelettes and novellas directly from me? You get great speculative fiction, I get paid immediately. Everybody wins! (But especially you because stories.) [This is also the only place you can find my self-published material for Kindle because I don't sell through Amazon for... reasons.]

This has been a really rough week. Still need money for bills due in two days. Looking at being in shelter until next year sometime.

They did agree to let us do a trial run keeping the plurps here with us. I'm so happy to have them here because my stress level is through the roof right now. There have been many demands for cuddles. ❤

At this point we are in long term shelter until January. This has narrowed my ability to find work quickly. (No food service or cashier positions. Nothing where I have to interact with the public face to face. [This isn't a shelter rule, just an extension of the safety issue that has put us in long term shelter.] Looking at call-center work but the turnaround on that is not as quick.)

Hey, folks. I have two pressing financial needs. First is the cell phone bill for my kiddo - $35. Second is the fees for my PO box - $80.

If you can help:

Or you can join my Patreon:

Text from Kim Addonizio's brutally tender poem "TO THE WOMAN CRYING UNCONTROLLABLY IN THE NEXT STALL".

A pencil noodle too because my brain refuses to word this evening. Prismacolor Col-erase on sketchbook paper.

Character is from my f/f Austen-esque retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth.

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Hello, shop.

*sips soda*

The past couple of days have been hard. Harder than I've had to deal with in a while and things have not been easy lately.

I did a thread on birbsite if folks need more context.

Struggling though with everything. Did not get much sleep last night. Had a long day today. Still not sure what our shelter situation will be going forward.

And I miss my cats. Sometimes safety is heartbreaking.

Well. I had hoped things had leveled out, but today Monkey (my 11 year old son) and I were forced to flee our home and go into emergency shelter following renewed threats from my husband.

I'm exhausted, and so very tired of having to be strong for my son.

On a related note: my Patreon is relaunching tomorrow. There is already content (an ENTIRE novel with vampires, werewolves, a protag who swears and punches things, magic, weird tech, and did I mention it rains a lot? Plus romance and horror themes.) available to every patron. Plus new stuff starting tomorrow for just $1! And you can check out the novel for free. So go and check it out!

Hey, folks. Another plea for help. I need $200 to pay off the electric or my power gets shut off sometime after Friday. Not only will this mean no food for me or my kiddo, but we live in the Southern US and it's still miserably hot here. Please help.


Woke up already fighting anxiety because I need food and funds for the utilities. I have announcements coming about ways to offer long term support via my Patreon, but... In the meantime I just need support. (Again. I know. It sucks asking for the umpteenth time too.)

If you can spare a little to help me keep the electricity on (it's already scheduled for shutoff) the link is here.

Thank you.

Ugh. Back in better housing but out of money and food until the 19th. And electric is scheduled for shutoff on Friday because the soon-to-be-ex isn't paying any of the utilities like he's supposed to.

It just never seems to end.

Hey, folks. I'm still in a bind regarding housing. I think I have permanent housing lined up starting the 28th, but I still have one more week in the motel I have to pay for. ($305 for the 21st - 28th.) If anyone can help, even a little bit, I would be most grateful.

(In addition to stressing about housing I'm fighting some viral thing that has me wrecked right now.)

If folks are not familiar with my situation: I'm a domestic abuse survivor and have been hiding, with my ten year old son, from my abusive, violent, and unstable soon-to-be-ex husband. I had housing and employment at the beginning of the year, but STBX made both unsafe and we have been in 8 different houses and 2 motels over the past 3 months. Every little bit helps keep us safe while I navigate the court system for more permanent solutions.

Housing need is dire. Unfortunately a more permanent option has not made itself available and the housesitting ends today around lunch. If folks can spare a few dollars to help me pay to an extended stay room for another couple of weeks I would appreciate it.

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Thanks to the support of friends here and in my flesh-space I having housing until the end of the month. Y'all are the best.

So I need to raise $550 to cover housing until the 24th. And $125 of that I need by tomorrow evening.

So, if you want a portrait of yourself in kawai kaiju form I am taking commissions until I raise the needed funds. Pricing is $25 for a small one (about 8x5) and $40 for a large one (11x14). Ink and colored pencil on Bristol board.

Samples of tiny sketches below done for a friend named Angel. (These are each 2-3 inches tall.) Please message me if interested.

"Carpenter's prose snarls off the page... Powerful and poignant, this violent tale of retribution and hard choices will resonate with fans of dark space operas and sparse western landscapes."

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