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Doing again?

I'm an author. I write fiction of (and for) all sorts but particularly , , (of the soft variety) and a touch of .

I'm currently going through a difficult time and appreciate support in any form. Please excuse the periodic promo toots as I genuinely need the money.

I also am always interested in and .

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Hey, folks. Did you know you can purchase my self-published novelettes and novellas directly from me? You get great speculative fiction, I get paid immediately. Everybody wins! (But especially you because stories.) [This is also the only place you can find my self-published material for Kindle because I don't sell through Amazon for... reasons.]

Still trying to balance good options with knee-jerk reactions. But living in this cluttered home where 90% of the stuff belongs to Husbad... It's bad for my mental health.]

So, spending the weekend on setting up my own place, plus culling stuff I don't need. Writing lists, setting dates.

I hate organizing, but in this case it will help, not hurt.

Also realizing that my personal sanity is more dependent on me taking concrete steps rather than ensuring "safety". [Will still take steps to be safe, but obsessing over not being found is hurting me in a lot of ways. Confidence VS fear, I'd say.

But the former is HARD. Even when I know I'm making better choices.

Hoping to be settling into the new place by Valentine's Day. [Because Happy Fucking Take Care of Your Own Needs Day.] But focusing on the safety and prep of the move.

I really want to be able to take Monkey "home" and not have things still be in limbo, so there's some planning and coordination needed before we're completely settled it.

[Am getting a bunk bed from my Dad to convert to a loft so I don't have to keep sharing my immediate sleeping space but we can still fit in a loft apartment.]

Hello, Shop.

This has been another rollercoaster of a week. [Have I mentioned how much I hate RL drama?]

But. I did a thing. And Monkey placed third in the "zone" spelling bee - which means he'll advance to the District Spelling Bee and he got a spiffy medal. Electricity is on at the new place, and I am going shopping with family friends to deal with some of the immediate needs tomorrow. Will also be culling and packing, moving small loads over the next week.

And moving out of the current location is going to take a fair amount of sorting and digging for the stuff that is mine, not Husband's.

But, steps are being taken. Hopefully.

Morning, shop.

Friday is here. Got some of the car repairs made, have to return and find the correct part on one. Also need to order a different part for newly diagnosed issue. [One which is familiar and explains the wobble in the front end.]

Hoping to make an initial deposit on new housing today. Full move won't happen until next month and/or lunchtime visits are stopped because of safety issues. But having a place to get to if necessary would be a plus.

Morning, shop.

This has been a mother-fucker of a week. [Drama with Husband which has included talking to the police on two separate occasions. Also, maybe finding housing, but still negotiating. And pressure from manager's manager to cut all production time on our food tickets in half which is... a little unreasonable.]

But it's Thursday. I'm still here. Still working. Still writing. [Sent rejected novelette out to F&SF yesterday.]

Wishing y'all the best. Be kind to yourself. 😃

Folks have been very generous and I am not currently panicked about finances, but the legal thing is going to drag on for a while so continued or ongoing support is very much welcome.

Happy Saturday, folks.

Had hoped to sleep in, but the animals had other ideas.

I've got housework to do, errands to run, and a dinner date with a girlfriend tonight. [Working, single mama needs a little adult time.]

Took some big steps this week, but that also means It's time to remind folks that I'm still raising money for housing and legal fees.

If you can, join my Patreon []

Or give me a hand via Paypal []

Morning, shop.

Been an up and down week. New shift has been going well, but Monkey's sick today so had to call out for the morning so I can take him to the doctor. And, he came home yesterday with Husband's phone number written on his hand and a post-it note hidden in a book he received. So, having to call the court and the school today about that.

Also, it's trash day so going to throw some stuff out since I have a couple of extra hours this morning before we leave the house.

Hello, shop.

Have made it through two days of the new schedule. Expect Monkey and I will both sleep pretty hard tonight. [He stayed up later last night so I think he's tired this evening. But, he seems to be enjoying the early morning session at school so, yay?]

I also managed to turn in my grant application this morning. [I've got another one coming up in February that I'll start working on over the weekend, hopefully.]

Picking a writing sample is always a challenge, haha. [As is actually proofing said sample.]

I do have a rough draft of my artist statement for this year written so I'll probably alternate between working on polishing it and proof-reading the chapters I picked to send in.

[I also managed to unlock some unpleasantness about Husband that I had not really been confronting and I'm a little punchy. Soothing my anger with some store-bought Mexican food.]

Afternoon, shop.

It's been a mixed week.

I got a lot done, but still have to collect a bunch of paperwork and submit it to DHS to get my SNAP benefit reinstated. Monkey made it to the next level of the spelling bee - placing fourth at his school to advance to the "zone" bee. And donations have continued to trickle in to help me secure new housing. [The search for actual housing is constant and still ongoing.]

Trying to work on my application for the SLF Working Class Writers Grant today.

Morning, shop.

Managed to finally get an application submitted online for SNAP/Medicare/TANF. [Due to an error in their mailing proceedure, they closed my case last week because I hadn't responded to a deadline in time. ] I should still have benefits for this month, but sorting this shit out is always stressful.

Got a full week of work ahead. Including picking up paperwork to have Monkey enroll in the early childcare at school, and - hopefully - resolving the housing situation.

Musk: "Let's do GITS anime cosplay on Mars, and merge with Skynet, goth gf."

Bezos: "I can't think of anything to do with this $150,000,000,000 but go to space."

Thiel: "I want to be immortal like Peter Weyland."

McAfee: "It's mathematically possible for me to fuck a whale."

Exploiting too much labor value is a medical condition whose only remedy is ending capitalism.

Hey, folks.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of folks I'm at 26% of my "big" goal. [Which is to raise enough money to cover rent for a year so I can move out of the house Husband and I shared before he shows up here with a weapon and a grudge.] I would really like to reach 50% this week.

If folks would continue to spread the word, I would appreciate it.

Also, I wrote this longish thread over on Twitter going over what's been happening [in more detail] and asking for help raising money for rent.

It's in two parts if folks care to read through, share, donate, whatever. [I know things are tight, but I need a new place ASAP.]

Also, there are trigger warnings at the beginning of the thread, but... triggers for emotional/verbal abuse, physical abuse, suicide/violence talk.

Morning, shop.

Last work day of the week. And payday. [Small check because of time off over the holidays, but certainly better than none.]

Found out yesterday that an "error" on the part of the state in mailing a notice about my SNAP benefits has resulted in my case being closed. Same "error" means I missed the window to try and fix it without either reapplying or going through an entire appeal.

So I'll be spending the weekend trying to get a new application in. >_<

Hello, shop.

It's raining here. Again. [Welcome to winter in southeast Tennessee.] Payday is tomorrow, and I'm making plans regarding the impending move.

Found a fantastic little apartment yesterday. Now working to secure it [or allow myself to believe I'll find some place equally good or better]. My DV/court advocate is working hard to get me financial assistance and help out with the application process regarding housing.

Looking forward to the weekend and more rest and consolidation.

Hello, shop.

Another full week of work ahead. [And Friday is payday which is nice, even though this one will be smaller due to the holidays.]

Looking at more housing options today and tomorrow. Trying to focus first on just finding someplace that's actually livable. Fingers crossed.

If folks are celebrating the new year, stay safe. And may the turning of the clock be positive for you.

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