Going through a Defold tutorial and found out my laptop can't handle pressing Up, Left, and Space at the same time. :|

That'll be an interesting limitation to design around.

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I’m going to predict that in the next couple years, we’ll see a subscription based Moderation as a Service for community owners startup.

Moderators will sign up to work gig-economy style and be compensated accordingly.

Y’all should unionize right now, before it happpens.

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Y'all are wrong about Australia.

They don't live upside down.

They live about 15 to 35 degrees from vertical.

COVID-19 gaming (~) 

@5thWall Though, I am still debating if I grab some minis to paint when I go shopping for food next. Stock up before store’s closed.

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COVID-19 gaming (~) 

My FLGS just announced that their open gaming space is closed for at least the rest of the month. So that’s the Monday night game gone for a bit, sad to see things close down, but also it’s nice to not have the social pressure of missing a game competing against the need to stay away. My work game is going to try moving online too.

DST negativity, pedantry 

The DST changeover is always awful, I'm on my second coffee for the morning. Not having to deal with it is one of the things I miss about living in AZ.

Also, for some reason I find it really hard to suppress my desire to correct people when they say they've scheduled a meeting at some time MST, when the meeting really starts at that time MDT.

Went to an owlbear mini painting class at my FLGS. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Cat for scale (and inspiration).

Nothing makes me realize I’ve sat down in an awkward position quicker than having a cat come sit on my lap for cuddles.

Between different brands and being turned sideways, about a third of the monitors in the office are polarized wrong for looking at with sunglasses. Fortunately mine are fine, but looking around is bleh. Like lots of square portals to some eldritch dimension.

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Forgot my glasses in my car before I got on the bus this morning. Looks like I'll be working in sunglasses today.


"Convenient Sliced Mayo" soranews24.com/2020/02/21/slic

If mayo can come in convenient slices, why not other condiments? It's tempting to laugh, but as an American I _know_ there's a market here for convenient sliced ranch dressing.

Convenient Sliced:
- Ketchup
- BBQ Sauce
- Relish
- Salsa
- Steak Sauce
- Sriracha
- Balsamic Vinegar
- Pesto
- Hummus

falling dreams 

I don't put a lot of stock in dreams, but I've been wondering lately if the change to my in-dream response to my recurring nightmare means anything.

It used to be that falling would terrify me, but the last few times it's happened in dream I've been calm. "Huh, guess this is how I die."

I've been making an effort to respond more calmly to crises, and I'd like to take it as a sign I'm succeeding. At the same time it's just a dream, maybe I'm used to this specific scenario.

Fortunately it’s not really noticeable while playing, but I really need to figure out how to paint the eyes on this guy.

work rant 

People in my organization:
Writing a tutorial? Better put all code examples in screenshots!

Also people in my organization:
Requesting support with code? Only need to screenshot half of this!

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Hey folks. Sorry for the mishap, I think the Wandering Shop is not fully back online. (RT for visibility, if you please)

What happened: Cert expired, because a command wasn't running and I didn't catch it.

Sorry for the interruption. There's only one admin (me) and when I'm away from my computer, bad things can happen. 😕

Friend was kind enough to give me a practice interview for his company. I did well and got some good constructive criticism. Super encouraging.

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Progress today: customized IEX to act more like a game parser that greets the player with instructions. Typing start begins a prompt for your name and a greeting returning it.

Not much to do in it yet. I'm studying some prior art, a text aventure that's also in Elixir: github.com/SherSpock/GMYLM-Eli

It's kind of hard to play, and breaks down in places. Returning multi-line paragraphs as a string is ugly and kinda painful. But at least someone else is thinking about this too.

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