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Hey folks. Sorry for the mishap, I think the Wandering Shop is not fully back online. (RT for visibility, if you please)

What happened: Cert expired, because a command wasn't running and I didn't catch it.

Sorry for the interruption. There's only one admin (me) and when I'm away from my computer, bad things can happen. 😕

Friend was kind enough to give me a practice interview for his company. I did well and got some good constructive criticism. Super encouraging.

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Progress today: customized IEX to act more like a game parser that greets the player with instructions. Typing start begins a prompt for your name and a greeting returning it.

Not much to do in it yet. I'm studying some prior art, a text aventure that's also in Elixir:

It's kind of hard to play, and breaks down in places. Returning multi-line paragraphs as a string is ugly and kinda painful. But at least someone else is thinking about this too.

Practicing pixel art. I decided to use monochrome while learning so I can focus on not-color skills. But I like animating so I'm going to keep doing that.

A small nation of bored immortals has selected a mortal lineage to be their rulers..

I feel that sloth is a really under-appreciated vice. The right person doing nothing at the wrong time can be very effective.

Some of these custom Beat Saber levels are just nonsense.

Not entirely unexpected, but also kind of annoying.

Bought a grill today. Assembled it just in time for the clouds to start rolling in.😐

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Just submitted my game for in slot 2. I'm hoping that running will break me out of my con introversion.

I got my room and travel for Fear the Con 11. I need to decide if I'm gonna run a game (or two) or not.

I’m a human, and definitely not a literal or metaphorical wall, living in CO and working as a software dev.

Aside from a mandatory interest in programming and tech, I like games of the tabletop, video, and board varieties. I’m not a writer but the art of world building is fascinating.

Sociopolitically I’m interested in freed market and cooperative solutions to capitalism.

Hello Mastadon humans and maybe also bots.

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